A Study on Adoption of Universal Analytics in E-commerce

Tatvic recently conducted an analysis in partnership with Built with to learn how E-commerce Stores are Adopting Universal Analytics. The White Paper looks at the overall adoption trend of Universal Analytics since its launch and breaks down the adoption rate by Country and E-commerce Platform. It also explains the key factors driving Universal Analytics Adoption in E-commerce.

Product Purchase Pattern Analysis

One of the important concerns faced todays any E-commerce marketers is, How to increase average order value of their shopping cart? This paper aims at studying this Online Consumer behavior by identifying their product purchase pattern with help of using website statistics data.

Product Conversion Rate Analysis

Do you know conversion rate for each product on your site i.e. how many people view and how many buy? You can get this data in Google Analytics with new Universal Analytics easily. In this white paper, specially designed for e-commerce stores for advance analytics, you can learn how you can get this data and what different analysis you can carry out to improve the product revenue for your e-commerce store.

Need of Mobile Supported Analysis

Should I really create a mobile friendly site? Is it advisable to invest in creating one? This white paper shows you an analysis, Which you can run yourself and check whether you want to go ahead.

Google Tag Manager Guide

Google Tag Manager is a robust tag management solution that can be used for tagging multiple scripts (Google Analytics, Adwords and other third party scripts). All these scripts can be managed from a single interface. This whitepaper is aimed at providing a high level overview of the solution as well as dissecting the common intricacies developers face during implementation. The Developer Section also includes some Tag Manager ideas that would be handy to developers.

11 F.A.Q on Universal Analytics in Google Product Forum (with Solution)

Universal Analytics is the new operating standard of Google Analytics offering more control and flexibility in collecting and interpreting data. The white paper offers a solution to 11 frequently asked questions on Universal Analytics in Google Product Forum. The purpose of this white paper is to help you upgrade to Universal Analytics with ease.


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