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Utilize the power of Geospatial intelligence to improve user experience, enhance brand loyalty, and optimize your operations with Google Maps Platform.

Optimize your operations and customer life cycle with Google Maps


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Health care


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Multiple Powerful Use Cases. One Powerful Platform.

Google Maps Platform enables businesses to enhance their applications with location-based features, improved user experiences, and data-driven insights.

  • Create efficient routes to lower costs and improve customer experiences.
  • Plan trips for up to 25 waypoints.
  • Keep your workforce moving, even during rush hours.
  • Enable customers to discover your locations  
  • Use geospatial data to create immersive, virtual experiences
  • Guide customers about places to visit, stay, shop or live
  • Understand and track your assets to optimize fleet operations
  • Improve productivity, customer service, and maintenance.
  • Communicate critical geospatial-based information to your employees and customers.
  • Help customers provide or verify their address, to simplify and improve search, signup, and checkout
  • Reduce sign-up complexity, and improve abandonment rates
  • Utilize highly accurate, real-time geospatial data to verify device locations and customer addresses
  • Connect, visualize and analyze geospatial data to help make strategic decisions and improve operational efficiencies
  • Enhance last-mile delivery efficiency using Google Maps Platform
Why choose Tatvic as your Google Maps Partner?

At Tatvic, we ensure that your investment in the Google Maps Platform yields you powerful results across key performance metrics such as customer experience and operational efficiency! 

Comprehensive and Scalable Solutions

Harness tailored solutions for geolocation analytics, route optimization, and more with Tatvic's Google Maps services. Our experts leverage geocoding and geospatial analysis to ensure seamless experiences, serving projects of all sizes—whether startups or global enterprises.

Dedicated Support and Process Optimization

Our specialized team offers continuous support from API selection to Technical and Billing, ensuring a seamless journey with the Google Maps Platform. Further, we ensure that our clients avail continuous and consistent support to ensure that their Google Maps services function perfectly in alignment with their goals.

Pricing Benefits and Cost Optimization

Unlock volumetric discounts and explore pricing options from premier partner expertise at Tatvic. We help you with pricing evaluation, finding the product that fits your needs and budget, and strategic API usage planning for cost optimization.

One-stop Google Solution Partner

Benefit from extended Google Capabilities in Media, Analytics, and Cloud. With Tatvic as your Multidimensional Premier Google Partner, we help you in choosing the Google products tailored to your business needs.

Ready to Explore the Potential of Google Maps Platform?

Contact Tatvic to harness the capabilities of geospatial intelligence and optimize your business needs with the Google Maps Platform. 

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