Transferring historical data from Universal Analytics to Google BigQuery

Have a plan to backup and archive critical UA data so that you’re prepared for unexpected historical reporting needs.

Backup UA Historical Data Today

All users, including those accessing 360 properties, will lose access to the Universal Analytics user interface and API starting on July 1, 2024

Can be implemented for standard UA properties.

No sampling, 100% data back-up.

100% secured transfer to your BigQuery account. No data loss at all.

What sets us apart?

Our detailed and dedicated approach to implementing GA4 ensures you get the most accurate insights, helping you make data-driven decisions for your business.

  • Understand unique customer behaviours and conversion patterns.
  • Decode crucial metrics that matter for your industry.
  • Draw valuable recommendations that help you generate insights that align with your KPIs.
  • Tailored suggestions aligned with your sector.
  • Data collection is geared towards industry-specific goals.
  • Craft strategies that resonate with your audience.
  • Sector-specific approach for enhanced engagement and conversions.
  • Adapt to evolving market dynamics.
  • Maintain a pertinent analytics approach.
  • Ensure your strategy aligns with industry shifts.
  • Leverage updated insights for strategic advantage.
Google Analytics 4 Solution to all the Marketing Challenges

Cross-Platform Analytics

Rebuilt analytics with an event-based data model to enable measurement across the web and app.

Predictive Analytics

Machine Learning to surface powerful insights, including access to predictive metrics and capabilities.

Customer Journey

Centralize data for a holistic customer view across devices and platforms, and to capture online and offline events.

Marketing Activation

Activate insights & audiences across channels by leveraging direct integrations to media buying platforms

Words we live for

Using the power of automation, Tatvic can help you curate a custom solution based on your business needs and preserve your data



  • You have two options for exporting data: try Google Sheets Add-On or explore Query Explorer. But, be ready for a bit of complexity.

  • Tatvic makes it easy! Their solution uses APIs to effortlessly back up your data and store it in Big Query for magical transformations.

You need to embrace the change. The UA interface will stop functioning on July 1, 2024. GA4 brings new features, advanced tracking, and a fresh perspective. It’s time to bid adieu to UA and say hello to a more sophisticated data-driven future.

As a Google-certified partner, we specialize in expert-led data transitions. Our team brings experience and specialized knowledge to ensure a seamless and efficient transfer process. Tatvic’s team of Google Analytics specialists ensures a seamless data transfer, securely backing up your data to BigQuery and diligently structuring it into tables mirroring GA3 reports. This organized setup simplifies reporting in Looker Studio, eliminating the need for complex queries.

Tatvic’s solution ensures data preservation without any sampling, allowing you to export data for over 10 years at a time. The use of APIs facilitates smooth integration into the pipelines, and data is exported in batches to guarantee accurate representation while adhering to limits.

Let's safeguard your data as UA Sunset demands immediate action!

Contact Tatvic for extended support services to make sure your organization can confidently navigate the technical challenges of data safeguarding.

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Take Back-up of UA Historical Data

Can be implemented for standard UA propertie

No sampling, 100% data backup

100% secured transfer to your BigQuery account. No data loss at all.

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