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Hey there data enthusiasts! It’s time to talk about something crucial for all of us – safeguarding our precious historical data from the dearly departed Google Analytics 3 (UA). With the sun setting on UA, we must shift our focus to the future – Google Analytics 4 (GA4). But hold on a sec! Before we dive headfirst into GA4, let’s not forget the valuable insights buried in our historical data.

Do I need to export UA data?

Oh, absolutely! Your historical data is like buried treasure. With UA’s collection capabilities now put to rest, you’ve got about six months to rescue your historical data from the abyss. Trust me; you don’t want your decision-making to take a hit later on, do you?

How do I transfer historical data from UA to GA4? 

There are various solutions at your disposal. You could try the Google Sheets Add-On, or you can explore the Query Explorer for exporting data. But hey, remember your climbing gear because it can get a bit cumbersome. 

Here is where Tatvic swoops in to save the day! Their innovative solution lets you back up your data with minimal effort using APIs and stores it all into Big Query, where the magic happens. 

Imagine visualizing your data in Looker Studio – it’s like turning a dusty old manuscript into a captivating story! 

Will Google UA historical data be available until July 1, 2024?

Unfortunately, Google hasn’t set a specific date for the data’s grand disappearance. But let’s not test fate. Better be safe than sorry, right? So, let’s aim to wrap up this rescue operation before the dawn of 2024.

Can I keep using Universal Analytics? 

Ah, the million-dollar question! While UA may be gone with the wind, its successor GA4 is here to stay. Embrace change, my friends! GA4 brings new features, advanced tracking, and a fresh perspective. It’s time to bid adieu to UA and say hello to a more sophisticated data-driven future.

Using the power of automation, Tatvic can help you curate a custom solution based on your business needs and preserve your data

Data Preservation without Sampling: Unlike in GA3, our solution ensures data preservation without any sampling, allowing you to export data for over 10 years at a time.

Leveraging APIs for Data Extraction and BQ: APIs act as the seamless bridge between GA3 and Big Query (BQ). By leveraging APIs, we retrieve data from GA3 in a structured format, facilitating smooth integration into the pipelines. In response to the major drawback of GA3 – sampling, we’ve devised an innovative solution. Data is exported in batches based on a maximum threshold of 500,000 sessions, guaranteeing accurate representation while adhering to limits. This unique functionality sets our solution apart, enabling efficient data capture and transformation.

Storing Data in Big Query: All data is securely stored in Big Query, allowing us to leverage Google Sheets and Looker Studio for easy data transformation and utilization as needed.

Data Retention and Sampling Thresholds: An important consideration is the data retention period for the property. By default, it’s set at 26 months, limiting data export to about 2 years. However, many organizations opt for “Do not automatically expire,” enabling data export since the day data was collected in UA. Once we know the data retention and sampling thresholds, we export a set of predefined tables that combine matching dimensions and metrics based on scope. These tables are exported via APIs through the existing pipeline and stored in BQ.

Optimized Export Process: The export limit of 5000 rows at a time, along with high cardinality and sampling in larger date ranges, can lead to time-consuming processes. To address this, our solution is designed to have reports prepared beforehand, and exports are done in batches. This ensures efficiency and eliminates sampling issues in BQ.

Utilizing Looker Studio for Analysis: With Looker Studio’s powerful data visualization and analysis capabilities, we can effectively explore and analyze safeguarded data. Looker Studio provides advanced calculation tools, empowering organizations to derive meaningful insights and make data-driven decisions.


As the GA3 sunset demands immediate action to safeguard your data, our technical solution leveraging APIs, BigQuery, and Looker Studio offers a comprehensive approach. With a customized approach superior to basic standard reports and connectors, our solution ensures your data is protected, analyzed, and ready to give your organization a competitive advantage in the market. With extended support services, organizations can confidently navigate the technical challenges of data safeguarding and unleash the true potential of their protected data.

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Bhagyoday Tekchandani

Bhagyoday is a Google certified Marketing-Analytics consultant and works as a : Sr. Consultant - Digital Analytics at Tatvic . He has done his masters in business administration specializing in Marketing. He holds a key interest in data visualization and deriving key insights and recommendations.

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