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Optimize your Marketing Funnel for Improved ROI with our AFO Solution

Experience the power of our automated Machine Learning-based framework, designed to boost high-value leads and conversions.

Why Choose Tatvic's AFO Services?

Optimize your marketing funnel with greater efficiency and speed


Prioritize leads that have the highest chance for conversion by analyzing their behavior and purchase intent.


Lead high-intent visitors effectively through the funnel to boost conversions, acquisition, and retention.


Attract and convert prospects by defining high-value customer profiles and implementing targeted marketing strategies.

The AFO Framework: How it works?

Collect and analyze diverse data sources, leverage advanced ML techniques, and translate insights into targeted strategies for customer value maximization and
long-term success.

  • Collect and analyze data from CRM, website interactions, customer behavior, and marketing performance.
  • Uncover invaluable audience insights and preferences.
  • Leverage advanced ML techniques to create predictive models from gathered data.
  • Identify high-intent customer segments and prioritize conversion-ready leads.
  • Fine-tune ML models for exceptional precision and understanding of customer preferences.
  • Activate insights from ML models to take action.
  • Craft targeted marketing strategies and personalized experiences for high-value prospects.
  • Maximize customer value and ensure long-term success through strategic guidance and precise remarketing tactics.
Tatvic's AFO Offerings

At Tatvic, we ensure success at every customer touchpoint, which is a critical opportunity to make an impact. That’s why our Advanced Funnel Optimization (AFO) Solution is engineered to help you seize success at every stage of the marketing funnel.

PredictN: Precision Funnel Guidance

Unlock invaluable customer insights with PredictN, our ML-based AFO Model. Identify high-intent customer segments and predict leads with remarkable precision. Craft customized experiences that resonate with each customer.

Customer Value Maximization

Achieve Customer Value Maximization through advanced ML models. Reach customers with targeted promotions and campaigns, elevating customer lifetime value and ensuring long-term success.

Hyper-Relevant Recommendations

Identify users with similar category/subcategory interactions to generate relevant product recommendations tailored to their content consumption patterns.

Lead Prioritization

Say goodbye to wasted resources and hello to higher conversion rates as you witness the transformative impact of lead scoring on your business. Focus on high-intent leads first and maximize your conversion with our comprehensive lead-scoring capabilities integrated into our advanced solution.

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Ready to discover our AFO Solution?

Allow our team of Certified AFO Experts to guide your marketing funnels to success. We’re eager to learn more about your needs.


Advanced Funnel Optimization (AFO) is an ML-based program that helps eCommerce and BFSI businesses maximize their conversion funnels. High propensity models are identified from your analytics and CRM data to create an ML model. The Winner conversion path is set for the targeted audiences to transform them into high-paying customers. Once deployed, it keeps learning and optimizing forever. As a result, your marketing strategies become smarter eliminating guesswork and rework.

We combine the Online behavioral data and offline data and prepare it according to the business use case and train the model accordingly. This model is built on your first party data and considers the seasonality of your business, which makes it more pertinent to your business outcomes.

Yes, the journeys for app and web are different, events triggered are different, the user behaviour would be different. thus the models will be seperate for both of them.

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