How to perform predictive analysis on your web analytics tool data

Event Date: 19/06/2013

Event Time: 04:00 PM IST

Education Level: Advanced Level

Who is it for:  

Every web analyst who wants to take his analysis to the next level.

About This Webinar

It is widely known that traditional web analytics has been a great way to optimize/analyze your website visitor metrics. Many analytics tools, like Google Analytics, are available there and enable you to track basic metrics from your website with ease. Although, most of the time these tools provide data at an aggregate level which limits the understanding of interplay amongst different variables.

During the webinar we will help you to understand the real value of predictive analytics when applied to web analytics data to help improve your understanding relationship between different variables.

Key Takeaway Points

In this informative session you’ll learn how to:

What is R and why should you use this tool? How to extract your Web Analytics data into R?
How to build a predictive model using web analytics data with the help of R?
How predictive modeling can take your analysis to the next level?
How to carry out insightful analysis through visualization?


Carolina Aararipe


Amar Gondaliya


Kushan Shah

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