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Angel Broking Gained 53.5% More Leads + Saved 35% More In Cost Per Lead With Principles Of Persuasion-based A/B Test By Tatvic Analytics

See how Tatvic assisted Angel Broking in gaining 53.5% more leads and helped them save 35% more in cost per lead by conducting Principles Of Persuasion-based A/B tests.

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How we helped increase their Lead Submissions by 110%

Paychex was concerned about their investment in user acquisition Vis-à-vis conversion into leads from their website forms. Since website forms were an important step in funnel for them to generate leads, they wanted to understand the cause behind the low performance of their Lead Gen Form. In addition to that Paychex wanted to track & analyze user behavior while they move through different form fields & wanted Tatvic to provide recommendations using A/B testing. Read More

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There has been a visible improvement in our tracking efficiency as well as data accuracy by over 95% after collaborating with Tatvic. Their recommended integrations of various tools and analysis have given us a complete picture of the user journey on our website. We value the dynamic team support and the swiftness with which they resolve issues. The usage of Google Analytics 360 is truly enhanced for GoIbibo with consultation from Tatvic.
Divyang BhardwajDirector - Digital Marketing

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