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Automated Lead Scoring for smoother qualification

Revolutionize lead management with our cutting-edge lead-scoring solution. Harness advanced algorithms to unlock higher conversion rates, increased revenue, and unparalleled efficiency

Supercharge Your Sales Funnel with Tatvic’s Lead Scoring Solution

Tatvic is ready to help you take a leap into the future of marketing by leveraging the power of ML-based Models to generate high propensity leads for business growth!

ROI Magnified

Boost your ROI with targeted investments, guided by our lead-scoring precision.

Strategic Upsells

Activate upselling opportunities by identifying prospects primed for promotions.

Efficiency Redefined

Reduced Churn

Predict App users for targeted marketing and prevent them from churning within the next ‘n’ days

The Lead Scoring Model: How is it built?

The journey to Tatvic’s precision lead scoring involves:

  • Identifying key data points that reflect lead behavior and demographics.

Setting target metrics for optimization, such as conversion, retention, or service quality.

  • Training the model with these attributes to predict customer behavior accurately.
  • Evaluating the relationship between attributes and desired behavior, assigning a propensity score.
  • Leveraging data from sources like CRM and analytics (e.g., Google Analytics 4 360) for predictive modeling.
Let us help you manage your leads in a smarter way

Boost your bottom line with increased customer lifetime value, data-driven investments, and targeted upsell activations and promotions.

Smart Lead Prioritization

Bid farewell to guesswork and inefficient resource allocation. Say hello to a precise, ML-backed strategy that helps you quickly identify and targets leads with the highest conversion potential.

Unlock Team Energy

Our data-driven approach aligns your sales and marketing teams effortlessly, enabling precision collaboration. Experience targeted strategies, optimized resources, and increased sales.

Better return on investment (ROI)

With our advanced machine learning algorithms, you can precisely pinpoint your most promising prospects, ensuring that every effort counts. Spend less time guessing and more time growing - it's time to maximize your ROI.

Unleash Competitive Edge

Embrace predictive lead scoring for a competitive edge. Swiftly convert high-potential leads, outpacing rivals. Amplify market share, revenue, sales, and profitability.

Words we live for

Unlock your business’ truest potential by identifying your most promising prospects!

Tatvic’s Lead Scoring offering has a proven track record of excellence when it comes to helping clients accelerate their journey through new business opportunities powered by data-driven lead generation! 


We combine the GA data and offline data and prepare it according to the business use case and train the model accordingly. This model is built on your first party data and considers the seasonality of your business, which makes it more pertinent to your business outcomes.

Yes, the journeys for app and web are different, events triggered  are different, the user behavior would be different. thus the models will be separate for both of them.

High value leads, Reduced Cost of Acquisition, Optimized marketing campaign, Revenue drivers (what features impacts the highest conversions)

Yes we do have an option of doing PoC. However, for the PoC, the model is deployed exclusively on Tatvic’s server.

Tatvic can conduct scoring on a T-1 basis, or hourly basis depending on the business requirement. We even have a solution for supporting real-time scoring which can be used by your SMS, Email and Call-Center campaigns.

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