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Maximize your audience outreach with Tatvic's Expertise in DV360 Managed Services

The most sophisticated programmatic ads tool by Google. Tatvic is Google Marketing Platform’s Authorised Sales Partner for Display & Video 360.

Why DV360?

Widen Your Audience

  • Strategic Branding: Expand your brand's reach with targeted branding strategies.
  • Cross-Channel Integration: Ensure consistent brand messaging across all digital channels.
  • Creative Brand Initiatives: Engage audiences with innovative branding campaigns.


  • Develop a custom attribution model to accurately assign conversion credit across marketing touchpoints.
  • Utilize data-backed insights to make informed decisions for maximizing marketing investments.
  • Implement strategies based on comprehensive data analysis to optimize marketing efficiency and effectiveness

Campaign measurement and analytics

  • Use of in-house Predictive Modelling and curate targeted audience lists for display remarketing to boost the campaign
  • Attribution Modeling: Understand the customer journey and optimize budget allocation.
  • Performance Benchmarking: Compare campaign results and fine-tune strategies.

Unified campaign measurement

  • Unify users' ad interaction sequences.
  • Export data to a robust analytical tool for deeper analysis.
  • Integrate cross-channel data for comprehensive insights.

Fully Transparent Media Buying

  • Execute all direct buying deals transparently through the Display & Video 360 ecosystem.
  • Maintain clear visibility into budgeting processes for campaigns.
  • Ensure advertiser confidence by upholding transparency throughout all transactions and campaign activities.

Tech-Enabled Marketing

  • Custom attribution model for assigning conversion credit to marketing touchpoints
  • Make data-backed decisions for efficient marketing investments

Tatvic framework for DV360

Tatvic is Google Marketing Platform’s Authorized Sales Partner for Display & Video 360. Our service offerings are an entire continuum of Data-Driven Strategies and end-to-end campaign management.

  • Creative Automation: From dynamic ad generation to personalized messaging, leverage creative automation to deliver tailored experiences to your audience
  • Audience Insights:  Gain deeper insights into your audience demographics, behaviors, and preferences.Uncover valuable data to refine targeting strategies.
  • Planning: Plan and execute your marketing campaigns with precision using DV360’s planning features.Streamline campaign planning for optimal results.
  • Campaign Setup:From campaign creation to launch, our team provides end-to-end management to ensure seamless execution
  • Optimization: With DV360’s real-time bidding and optimization algorithms, we monitor campaign metrics.
  • Budget Management: Our budget maangement services ensure that your budgets are always optimally utilized.
  • Custom Dashboards: Gain actionable insights at a glance with custom reporting dashboards tailored to your specific needs.
  • Interactive Reports: Dive deeper into your campaign data with interactive reporting tools.
  • Performance Analysis:Our team provides in-depth analysis of key metrics, including impressions, reach, clicks and more.
Leverage Tatvic's DV360 Services

Media Planning & Buying

  • At Tatvic, our certified DV360 experts offer tailored consultation on digital marketing strategies, including negotiating premium publisher inventory deals"

Ad Creative Design

  • In-house expertise in designing data-driven creatives
  • Rich media, HTML5, and native display formats

Training & Support

  • On-ground training program for media teams and ongoing campaign support from DV 360 experts

End-to-end campaign Management

  • Comprehensive trafficking, campaign configurations, creative consultation, and floodlight implementation
  • Multi-channel reporting and ongoing campaign optimization

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Tool Stack

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Allow our team of Display & Video 360 team today & grow your business with impactful campaigns!


Google Display and Video 360 are the most advanced programmatic advertising platforms available today.
DV360 is the world’s largest demand-side platform which has a reach of over 90+ ad exchanges.
Offers a comprehensive network of partners, including BlueKai, LiveRamp, and Eyeota, which allows you to customize your ads and help you reach your targeted audience more effectively.

Using Display & Video 360, teams can run digital advertising campaigns effortlessly. Design creatives, organize audience data, purchase inventory and optimize campaigns.

DV360 helps you reach a wider audience as compared to Google ads. It gives access to a wide range of first-party data such as Analytics 360 audience, DMP audience, Google Ads lists, Youtube audiences, and others, which enhances and accelerates targeting possibilities.

There are four ways to offer and acquire inventory in the programmatic ecosystem: open auctions, private exchanges, preferred deals, and programmatic guaranteed deals.

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