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Optimize Return on Ads Spends with Data-Driven Media Strategies

Tatvic works at an intersection of marketing, technology, and analytics to ensure that your media investments not only deliver substantial growth and increased revenue but also amplify brand visibility to new heights.

Experience the Advantages of Our Strategic Media Services

Tatvic’s Multifaceted Media Services combine technological, analytical as well as creative capabilities to drive up awareness and engagement and drive down advertising spending, leading to all-around growth of your bottom line!

Better ROAS

Whether you're looking to fine-tune campaigns, optimize conversions, or increase your reach, we're here to make your ROAS soar.

Personalized Campaigns

We help you target the right customer with the right message across the digital marketing funnel, ensuring personalization at scale, leading to a stronger brand-customer experience.

Quantifiable Campaign

Our GMP-certified media solutions help you plan as well as measure the true reach of your marketing campaigns across different digital channels, enabling you to optimize results.

We thrive with a Simplified Media Framework

At Tatvic, we have distilled our years of experience and expertise into the powerful media framework designed to propel your media strategies to unparalleled success.

  • A framework rooted in the strategic utilization of data analytics.
  • Actionable insights that drive your media strategies.
  • Access to the latest trends, consumer behaviour, and market dynamics
  • Meticulous analysis of your customer bases
  • Segmentation based on demographics, preferences, and behaviors.
  • Personalized content that resonates with each customer segment for a deeper connection and increased engagement.
  • Real-time visibility into media performance across various platforms.
  • Close tracking of metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and engagement levels 
  • Data-driven insights for informed decisions and strategy modifications.
  • Continuously test and refine media strategies to ensure they are tuned with current market trends. 
  • Data-driven adjustments to ad placements, messaging, and resource allocation to ensure amplified success of marketing efforts
Multiply Your ROI by 3x with our Strategic Media Services

Tatvic is your reliable partner when it comes to leveraging a technology-driven approach for your media marketing with a commitment to optimizing your returns, improving engagement, and driving conversions. 

Tech-enabled Marketing

Every stage of our marketing process, whether it is planning, activating, or evaluating, is built on a technology landscape consisting of analytics, cloud technologies, and data hubs!

End-to-End Media Consulting

Our media team is capable of delivering value across your marketing funnel. Be it developing strong brand-building strategies, improving awareness and engagement, or achieving crucial performance parameters, we do it all!

Centralized Media Buying

Existing media strategies tend to deliver poor results as fragmented buying leads to over-exposure and waste of precious media budgets. At Tatvic, we centralize media buying to ensure optimum media spends.

Creative Intelligence

Our dedicated creative intelligence team is here to transform your campaign, ensuring that every piece of content resonates seamlessly with your audience, ultimately maximizing the impact

Words we live for

Looking for a Data-driven Approach To Increase your ROAS?

Tatvic seamlessly integrates creative media marketing, technology, and analytics to drive impactful marketing campaigns focused on results.


Tatvics’ Media services include media planning and buying, creative content development, digital advertising, social media  marketing, and more.

Media services use strategic campaigns and channels to increase a brand’s visibility, reach new audiences, and create a stronger market presence.

Data analytics in media services involves collecting and analyzing data to make informed decisions about media placements, audience targeting, and campaign optimization.

Our Media services is focused on optimizing advertising spend, improving audience engagement, and increasing conversions to maximize ROI for businesses.

Tatvic’s Media Services cover a wide spectrum of platforms and channels, including digital advertising (Google Ads, Facebook Ads), programmatic advertising (DV360), television, analytics, video advertising(YouTube), mobile advertising,  remarketing, and data-driven insights, ensuring comprehensive and effective media strategies for businesses.

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