Anomaly Detection How to become alert of changes in your critical KPIs?

Event Date: 28/08/2013

Event Time: 03:00 PM IST

Education Level: Beginner Level

Who is it for:  

Web Analysts, Director of Analytics from online retail stores, who are looking forward to gain an initial level of insight in terms of change for critical ecommerce KPIs along with percentage contribution by important segments that derive this change.

About This Webinar

It is generally said that doing data analysis is like finding a needle in a haystack and that a considerable amount of time should be devoted to this part of the whole web analytics cycle. Do you find the same problem when you log in to your web analytics tools?

If yes, then Anomaly Detection is the solution to your problem. This webinar offers a sophisticated and intuitive solution that shows shifts in the patterns of your e-commerce KPIs like Conversion Rate, Revenue, AOV, etc.

Key Takeaway Points

In this webinar informative session you’ll learn how to:

What is Anomaly Detection?
Need of Anomaly Detection System for your e-commerce Store?
Live example of any e-commerce store
Key takeaways for next-level analysis


Sarim Cobisi


Rakesh Makhija


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