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Identify and Target high-value leads automatically with PredictN

Say goodbye to hit-or-miss targeting. PredictN is an ML-based predictive model that will revolutionize your lead qualification and audience segmentation.

Supercharge your ROI with predictive targeting.

PredictN accelerates lead prioritization by pinpointing high-conversion potential visitors within 7 days, optimizing marketing spend.

Rapid Lead Prioritization

PredictN helps you target visitors who have the highest probability of converting in 7 days, ensuring rapid lead prioritization.

Reduced Marketing Spends

Distinguish converting from non-converting customers using advanced algorithms, ensuring laser-focused targeting and efficient resource utilization.

Reduced Churn

Predict App users for targeted marketing and prevent them from churning within the next ‘n’ days

PredictN: How does it work?

Tatvic’s PredictN Model is executed using a wide range of steps, each designed to bring you closer to your goals. Learn more about how this powerful model works, below:

  • Under this process, we extract data from GA4/CRM/CMS
  • Run PredictN for a “Qualified” visitor/article list
  • Import list into GA/CRM, creating segments.
  • Export to AdWords/Facebook Ads/Salesforce for campaigns
  • Drive impactful marketing decisions
Outsmart the competition with machine learning.

Why guess when you can predict? Supercharge your sales and retention efforts today.

Reliable Data Sources at Your Service

PredictN integrates seamlessly with data from Google Analytics, BigQuery, CRM, and CMS (for Publishers), ensuring accurate and dependable prediction modelling.

Complete Automation of Data Collection

Our programmatic collection process automates data gathering, modelling, and the generation of predicted audience segments. Effortless and efficient – just as it should be.

Precision Remarketing

Seamlessly merge the power of PredictN with Google Analytics for easy AdWords integration. Maximize the impact of your targeted remarketing campaigns with precision.

Performance-Driven Solutions

PredictN isn't just about predictions; it's about results. Our solutions are designed to drive performance, ensuring every move you make is a step toward success.

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Leveraging Technology To Accelerate Lead Generation

Tatvic’s PredictN is a cutting-edge solution powered by Machine Learning and designed to help businesses identify the highest priority leads at the earliest, helping them improve conversions and enhance revenues.


GA4’s ML models are completely blackbox and have been built generically aligned to all the businesses basis the event/pageview goals set up on the platform. Whereas, our predictive models have a slight human intervention by the industry experts where these certified experts identify the features/events/actions that are assisting in a goal completion. Also we build more than 10-12 models using different data science algorithms and deploy the most efficient models that has the highest performance (recall) of the predictions.

We combine the GA data and offline data and prepare it according to the business use case and train the model accordingly. This model is built on your first party data and considers the seasonality of your business, which makes it more pertinent to your business outcomes.

Yes, the journeys for app and web are different, events triggered  are different, the user behavior would be different. thus the models will be separate for both of them.

We help you identify leads which have the highest propensity to convert within the next 7 Days.

Yes we do have an option of doing PoC. However, for the PoC, the model is deployed exclusively on Tatvic’s server.

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