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Web Analytics Visualization through ggplot2


During our last webinar, we covered some of the basic ideas behind ggplot2, the R Visualization package by Dr. Hadley Wickham. In this blog post I will walk through the example that I covered during the webinar. In order to carry out the examples yourself, you may download the sample datasets from this link Creating… Read More

Visualizing your websites’ ecommerce performance with R


In this blogpost, I want to dive deeper into the explanation of the relationship between Frequency and Recency of Visits with the Conversion Rate and Average Order Value. I have used the RGA package for data extraction and Dr. Hadley Wickham’s ggplot2 package to achieve the visualizations. Here’s the data aggregation script : #transactions dataframe… Read More

Calender Heatmap with Google Analytics Data


As data analytics consulting firm, we think we are fortunate that we keep finding problems to find. Recently my team mate found a glaring problem of not having any connector for R with Google. With the inspiration from Michael, Ajay O, it soon become a worth problem to solve. With RGoogleAnalytics package now, we have… Read More