Mobile App Analytics

Mobile App Analytics: Code Just Once and Track Users Everywhere

Once you’ve set up basic accounts for the analytics tools for implementation like Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Mixpanel, etc, use the standard tracking snippet for tracking events and write 1Analytics mobile app analytics syntax code for custom tracking. This tool also allows you to predict customer churn analysis and furthermore can avail app uninstall analysis as well

If you have 1Analytics code, rest assured you don’t need any other code to track your user’s data!

Implement Easily

With a product, so user-friendly, implementation effort and time is reduced up to 75% for every new analytics tool. You don’t require any special expertise to maintain or use 1Analytics.

Improve Your Tracking Accuracy

Our product development team at Tatvic has relentlessly worked towards developing a highly accurate tracking code configuration. All you need is one piece of universal code for tracking every analytics tool.

Reduce Your Dependency on User Actions

With this product to fulfil all your tracking needs, you hold no dependency whatsoever on the users to update the app version for data collection.

Build Powerful Insights from Users’ Device Data

Know what other apps your users have on their device; along with their storage and battery usage. You can also understand whether they use mobile data or WiFi data and their SIM card functionality.

Mobile App Analytics
Know how this product will increase your operational efficiency and aid yielding better ROI.
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