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Predictive Analytics Solution for Remarketing: Predict Your Visitor’s future action to Remarket Effectively!

PredictN is a predictive analytics solution that works on a predictive machine learning model developed by Tatvic. It aims to generate an Audience Segment (Qualified Visitors) that carries the Highest Probability of Revisiting your site and getting Converted as a Customer within the next 7 days. The objective is to facilitate predictive analysis for remarketing effectively to the Qualified Audience Segment only and get more conversions with the reduced marketing spend. If you are running an application and look forward to implementing predictive machine learning mode, it is best to blend this Predictive Analytics Solution with Predict App Uninstall tool 

Check out this case-study to know how How  Achieved a 30% Higher Conversion Rate with Tatvic’s PredictN Remarketing Campaign

Increase ROI

Get more out of your remarketing campaigns by targeting your high intent customers only using this predictive analytics solution.

Reduce AdCost

Predictive analytics solution helps you identify those users who do not exhibit the chances of converting in near future and exclude them from your remarketing campaign to save your remarketing budget.

Think Beyond Your Cart & Past Buyers’ Strategy

Use predictive data analytics solution for a data driven predictive approach for identifying your customers than your plain old cart addition strategies and past buyer strategies.

Predictive Analytics Solution - Value Proposition
Know how this product will increase your operational efficiency and aid yielding better ROI.
Client Success Story

A leading eCommerce client ran Tatvic’s PredictN campaign for 2 weeks and saw 170% rise in their ROI and 70% hike in conversions. They achieved this success with a significantly reduced ad cost using our predictive analytics tool. The client also carried out a comparative analysis between the PredictN campaign and all other remarketing campaigns running at that point in time.

PredictN Highlights: 4% higher Revenue per Transaction and a 65% lower Cost per Transaction.

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