Challenge to Online Marketers

Working at a web analytics company we have find an interesting pattern of customers and especially those who are decision makers.

Decision makers are alone. They know inside themselves, that there is no perfect world, online or offline. If you face following questions, read along!

  • You fear that you are making decision based on wrong data collected via Google Analytics/Omniture.
  • You don’t trust the data as well as your manager, even if analyst makes hardest effort to convince?
  • You cannot make decision & delay taking a decision since on your google analytics/Omniture data just doesn’t have what you need?
  • You pay for incredibly large amount $$ for Google Analytic/Implementations implementation and don’t know what decision you can take?


I say “Welcome to the show” – You are not alone. Its Act 1.

Web Analytics tool implementation is sub optimal

Over last several (6years), I have been involved in Google Analytics & Omniture Implementation a lot. Quite a bit of the time, it involved cleaning up the Google Analytics/Omniture implementation done either by agency or client on their website/e-commerce store. A huge learning that we recently relayed internally was the fact that, most of the time either implementation was erroneous, either it lack action-ability , or may be even mistaken. This happened in 85% of the cases of implementation when Google Analytics was implemented by non-GA expert.

Problems with Web Analytics Implementation were not known

However, this problem is sub-optimal implementation of Web Analytics tool is both not known, not identified, well enough. Its normal that if you don’t know the problem, you are less likely to know the impact & you are not going to make any effort to solve that problem.

Challenge to Online Marketers:

Lot of people including you, my reader, may feel above two paragraphs are not right & doesn’t represent your situation as Leader in Analytics in your organization. Great!!

Why don’t you do act 2 then. Here is the challenge.

Show the world what actions did you took which helped your online business. You can be discreet & okay not to disclose the actual figures, but come forward & show the world that whatever was the analytics, you took decision & the online organization was benefitted. I am not saying that it is not possible to take good business decisions based on Google Analytics, I am just saying that its rare.

Comments section is yours. Do you second act my friend!

Okay if you cannot! It’s time to roll up your sleeves and carry out the Google Analytics Audit /Omniture Audit. If you need how to do it, sample reports, download free from Audit section.

Looking forward to Act 2.


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