How Predictive Analytics Can Help You Strengthen Your Re-marketing Strategies

March 15, 2017 04:00 PM IST
45 minutes
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Digital Marketers, Web Analysts, Business Analysts, Anyone who knows Google Analytics and is curious to explore more

Predictive Analytics can help you identify the “best customers” for your business and convert them for speedier transactions via remarketing.

Learn to remarket to a niche audience that has the highest probability of converting.

Ravi Pathak, the co-founder of Tatvic Analytics, shall take you through the benefits and the mechanism of Predictive Analysis and how this framework can help your business to strengthen your Re-marketing Strategies to ensure the best chances of converting your visitors to customers.

In this 45 minute informative session you’ll learn how to:

  • Improve your targeting efficiency using predictive analytics

  • Reduce your advertising spend on remarketing to all customers

  • Optimize remarketing with external data sources

Summary: Carve out your “best customers” from the pool of transacting customers via Predictive Machine Learning and remarket only to them and improve your Remarketing ROI and Conversions by leaps and bounds using Predictive Analysis!

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Join Ravi Pathak, to learn how to exercise the power of Predictive Analytics to identify and remarket to your best customers.

Ravi is the co-founder of Tatvic and an expert at managing different web analytics tools. He actively works on conversion optimization projects to improve conversion rate and test newer hypothesis with e-commerce companies. He is also an expert at R, SPSS & predictive modeling for web analytics data. He has worked intensively on Omniture & Google Analytics to help clients generate value out of the web analytics data.
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