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TV Ad Analysis Solution to Attribute Impact of TV Ads on Your ROI

Tatvic’s TV Ad Analysis Solution helps in the TV Ad tracking and measurement of TV Advert expenses, effectiveness and recommending optimum Ad spots, backed by data. It enables advertisers to determine the optimal ad spots based on audience acquisition metrics that lets to gauge impact of second screen.

Assess Impact of Ad Spots on Target Demographic & provide recommendations for Ad Spots with maximum impact!

With Tatvic's TV Advert Analysis, we were able to get the effect of our TV ad campaigns on our website traffic. We were made aware of the best and the worst performing channel and ad spot along with performance differentiation in prime time and non - prime time. Additionally, we identified the return on investment from each channel for every rupee invested. The analysis is certainly going to help us for planning the next budget allocation for TV Ad Campaigns.
Amit KushwahaGeneral Manager - Marketing

Measure Effectiveness of Your TV Ad Cost

Tatvic’s TV Ad Analysis Solution identifies sweet spots and weak performers to the level of channel, program name and program category.

TV Ad Cost Optimization

Derive focused recommendation for increasing effectiveness of TV Advert Spends and ration the non-performing spots.

Estimate the Impact

With the help of this analysis, you shall be able to quantify the effectiveness of each TV Ad-spot expenses based on the impact on acquisition metrics.

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Client Success Story

Tatvic implemented the TV Advert analysis for one of the leading eCommerce companies in India. The acquisition metric in focus was “Users” with target demographics of females aged 25 to 40 years residing in India and the medium that we focused on was “Direct & Organic”. We used historical data to build a baseline i.e. expected value for these users. We compared the baseline vis-a-vis actual values for a period of 9 months to calculate Incremental users. These were the users that we could then attribute to the TV.
The client derived an extremely useful insight which indicated that the revenue attributed to transactions influenced by TV 18% of their total revenue for that designated period.

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