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Personalized Targeting

personalized targeting in Google Analytics

Improve Conversion Rate with Personalized Targeting in Google Analytics

Personalization in content plays a big role in driving the kind of customised approach that you should deploy. Tatvic developed a recommendation system RecSys that helps personalized targeting in Google Analytics wherein the user is delivered personalised content based on their browsing behavior and interests. This enables your organization to push relevant content or product and optimise the user’s journey and leverage your existing resources.

Improved User Experience

Identify user’s affinity based on their past browsing history. Achieve personalized targeting in Google Analytics to give the most relevant recommendations. With this, you ensure better UX and higher conversions.

Enable Personalized Marketing

Enable personalized marketing for each segment alike segment of users. Offer relevant products/services based on their profile and behavior to increase the probability of transaction with personalization.

personalized targeting in Google Analytics
Know how this solution will increase your operational efficiency and aid yielding better ROI.

RecSys – A Success Story of Personalized Targeting

RecSys is a recommendation system that helps you generate different types of product and content recommendations for your web platform. It uses the already collected Google Analytics data and is a DIY setup using JavaScript. It has proven itself to be a smart tool to place relevant recommendations to guide user’s exploration on site. For one of Tatvic’s eCommerce client, this solution significantly reduced bounce rate on their store’s product pages while for another client, RecSys increased the interest on focusing on their Average Order Value thereby increasing their eCommerce Store revenue.

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