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BigQuery and Google Tag Manager Training for Developers

Tatvic’s team of trainers hold experience in Google Analytics, Google BigQuery, Google Tag Manager, Conversion Optimization, SQL, MySQL, Databases, Test Management, HTML and JavaScript. Google BigQuery Expert in event-processing, query-optimization and speaker at client trainings. We actively advocate Google Analytics best practices in delivering Google Tag Manager Training programs.

We don’t train to just train, we train to educate!

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Note: Google has announced the deprecation of Universal Analytics in Jul 2023, that means UA will stop processing hits entirely starting from 1st Jul 2023 (for GA360 the date is extended till 1st Oct 2023). So all the brands will have to migrate to Google Analytics 4 property soonest possible.

Google Analytics and GTM Training - Highlights

Learn Tag Management

Tag Management not only helps improving the data collection, but also brings agility to implement and modify website and app tags on. Our trainers are experienced in the implementing Tag Management across the web and app properties.

Data Science and BigQuery

Almost every client of ours is heavily leveraging the Google Analytics 360 integration with BigQuery to join all of their Digital Analytics data with data warehouse. We train and provide guidance on ingestion, data mining, modeling, and more!

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Tatvic Analytics’ seasoned team of trainers possess superior technical coaching skills and hold an experience in online mentoring and consulting.
Client Success Stories

We have successfully conducted Google BigQuery training at leading companies across multiple domains like eCommerce, Lead Gen and Digital Publishers. With a willingness to share skills, knowledge, and expertise, our trainers strive to provide guidance and constructive feedback.

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Download Tatvic’s GA Trainers’ Profile

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