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Website & Mobile App A/B testing for Better User Experience: Know What Works for Your Users

See which versions of your content and UX design on your website attracts your target audience and facilitate them to take the actions you want them to take. A/B testing for user experience is one the most hyped tool for studying user experience and their behavior but unfortunately is also under-utilized.

Test your hypothesis about how your website visitors react to different content or versions of the website and drive more conversions with absolutely low risks.

Check out this case study to know how UX Enhancements (“Buy Now”) suggestion by Tatvic’s Data Analysis & Insights team increased Aegon Life’s website’s conversion rate by 5.3%

Google Analytics, along with Google Optimize, helped us increase the conversion rate for the users landing on our page. It validates our assumption of testing the layout change and provides results based on user behaviour data points. I recommend Google Optimize to anyone who is looking for getting better insights for optimization, restructuring of the website and wanted to validate the changes through A/B tests.
Atishay JainDigital Marketing Manager
Cars24 - A/B Testing Case Study

Test Your Hypothesis

Can you identify what improve website leads or transactions online? Eliminate all the doubtfulness and deliver results to the top management by testing your hypothesis with us.

Run Multi-Variant Test

A Single test is not enough! We test your multiple ideas and help you run A/B/n test without missing any leads. Determine best performing combination of variations out of all of the possible combinations.

Know What Makes Your Users Convert

Understand users’ response on website with a 3-4 days variant with conversion rate. Know what attract your users with such analysis. This will lead you towards effective decision making followed by actions.

Get Quality Leads

A/B Testing and marketing can help you generate more leads from a constructive hypothesis that you can adopt permanently on the website. This will facilitate increased conversions out of more quality leads.

Value Propositions - A/B Test for User Experience

Have our UX Experts Pinpoint Your Basic Areas of Improvement for a Better User Experience. Enhance Your Website’s UX/UI Today.

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