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Change the dimensions of your digital marketing funnel with DV360

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If you trace business pressure in digital marketing, it is closely associated with the dawn of acronyms; which got increasingly obscure and confusing. It started with the good old PPC. Remember it was CPC and CPA morphed TROAS and ACOS. And then we have a dollop of ROS, RON, DMA, and IAB which we must deal with. While the conversation has become more interesting as we try to look more involved with each acronym; we should not blur out the fundamental problem. (Oh, by the way, there is a new acronym: DV360)

There is – the funnel – which we all have learned to love and live with. The funnel determines a lot of our marketing actions. The example of a funnel is shown here.  I do not think I have to even write a single line of description to tell anyone what this is all about. But, I will talk about DV360 in the later stages and how it can change the funnel.

A typical conversion funnel
A typical conversion funnel

This funnel is in a box. The box in which the funnel is determines the way we plan our marketing. We all know, that irrespective of how much we want to step outside the box, there is plenty of action in the box. It is this, which keeps us busy and active as we make Reports and Analysis. This is more valid when we are a small and medium agency.

One of the other challenges is that the small and medium agencies, at times do not have the resources, funds, or in some cases courage to step into the unknown areas.

What it takes to change the dimensions of the marketing funnel 

No marketer wants to fight hard at the bottom of the funnel, nor does she wants to spend millions with random targeting in the top end of the funnel.

Marketers do not want to handle multiple tools, platforms, and reporting to get anywhere. It gets them into a situation like this.

Display advertising network ecosystem
Display advertising network ecosystem

We are a bunch of folks who are so busy trying to solve the customer’s problems and getting their sales right – and this is why we strongly suggest DV360!

Why we suggest DV360 - Redefine the acquisition funnel
Redefine the acquisition funnel

Change the size and shape of the funnel with DV360

Welcome to the world of powerful DSP with Display and Video 360.

While browsing, you must have noticed those inviting banner ads. That appear at random, persuading you to buy something you didn’t know existed? That’s what display ads are – and DV360 is exactly what marketers need to make this happen.

Did you know, that more than 90% of sites are accessible through DV360? And it is said to serve 90 billion impressions a day. We don’t know what counts as effective reach for advertising if that doesn’t.

This is the path to the largest inventory and more, including a reservoir of audiences, targeted marketing, private auctions, and programmatic guaranteed deals. You can fine-tune the pace and frequency, and choose formats from video to native…you just need one platform to provide value to the customer. All under your control and power.

Imagine, all those acronyms dissolving away with one single ‘red button’.

On a serious note, DV360 offers a large-scale reach so that your advertisements are visible to a wide audience whether your goal is to acquire new customers or increase brand awareness. 

The final conversion may take place through a click which may not get a direct attribution to this platform, but once the dimensions of the funnel are changed, you will visibly notice more conversions.

Check out our recent case study on DV360 – How our client achieved more than 10x growth in organic & direct traffic.

This is where we come in

The path to getting access to DV360 is strewn with hurdles like a commitment to spend a huge amount. Yes, a real huge amount which is a challenge when you are running a hyper-local campaign for a salon franchise in three states and twenty locations.

Tatvic, as one of the top Google Partners, provides you access and training to Display and Video 360 with no complex prerequisites or commitment to large budgets. The best part is we get you up and rolling in a short time…how does a week sound to you from the day you make the first call to us?

Good? Here is the email address where you can start from hello@www.tatvic.com

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