Increase Your Advertising Effectiveness with LSEM

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How To Increase Your Advertising Effectiveness?

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Focus on Reaching The Right Person, At The Right Time, With The Right Message

Poorly targeted ads that reach the audience at the wrong time; compromise the overall effectiveness of any ad diluting the message that reaches the audience. An advertising nightmare!

Tatvic devised a unique approach and named it the Large Scale Experiment Method (LSEM) – to resolve the issue of poorly targeted ads, and LSEM increases the effectiveness of online advertising. 

Brand identity is deeply affected by the kind of advertising and creatives used. It can build the affinity of people towards your brand or can appear repulsive. 

Like most advertisers, if you want to increase your chance of creative success by reaching the right people with the right message at the right time, then this brief write-up about LSEM can help. It covers key points of LSEM and its role in developing creatives. 

Large Scale Experiment Method (LSEM) is a method to reach the right person, at the right moment, with the right message by practicing the principles of persuasion and value proposition.

What is a Large Scale Experiment Method?

Large scale experiment method is a way to know your audience better. It provides actionable insights about the people with whom you want to communicate, what interests your audience, and be considerate of what and when they want to hear from you.

Harness the power of Data 

You can leverage data to understand your audience. And figure out how you can sell to them or help them while entertaining them with your ad, that conveys your message most effectively. LSEM uses principles of persuasion and value proposition. So you harness the power of your data with accuracy and effectiveness. 


If you are not getting the result you aim for, and your messages are not reaching the right audience, then pause and consider why? 

There are some key questions to look upon to increase the effectiveness of your ads. Like – Have you paid much thought and consideration in the drafting of your creatives?

Are you able to get useful and actionable insights from your data? 

Ineffective advertising messages that fail to gain attention might indicate a lack of consideration of the immense benefits of using data to generate useful insights. We will tell you how to do that by LSEM and in a way that helps you reach your audience when they like it.  

Large scale experiment method helps draft non-intrusive messages by understanding the user’s interest. People might even appreciate you for being considerate about their interests, needs, and wants as it signals that you pay attention to them, listen and care enough to give the product or service of their choice.  

Large Scale Experimentation Method (LSEM)

LSEM (Large Scale Experiment Method) is a method to Reach the Right person, at the right moment, with the right message by using the Principles of Persuasion and Value Proposition.

Method To Deliver More Relevant Creative

1.  Identify The Moments

Identify the moments in which you want to engage the target audience.

To know your audience and understand what they are doing? And why are they doing it? You will need to understand the platform or channel where they are spending time? And why do they prefer that specific channel? 

Once you have an understanding, what they are doing in these areas, you will be able to engage better. 

Essentially it is all about reaching the right audience, at the right time and the right place. So you can more effectively know who your audience is by using targeted advertising. 

Whether it is Google ads or social media ads, all of them offer advanced targeting options to reach your target audience. Also, you can target the ads based on the location, demographics, and interests of your audience.

Make sure that your ads are displayed only to people who would be interested in your brand. You will be saving your spending on ads and need not spend a fortune to reach your target audience.

2. Leverage Signals

Leverage signals to customize creative messaging.

Reach further with upper-funnel audiences to Increase your campaigns. If your main goal is brand awareness and you need help to expand your Display campaigns’ reach, consider using upper funnel segments, such as Detailed Demographics, Life Events, Affinity, and Custom Affinity.

Detailed Demographics:  Detailed Demographics helps you reach users based on facts like – Homeownership, Marital status, Educational status, and Parenting stages. And it is not limited to only the age and gender of the user. 

Life Events: Knowing and understanding the main transition points in your audience’s life, allows you to reach them at their crucial decision-making time when they are most likely to make important purchase decisions. Like when they are purchasing a home, starting a new job, and retiring.

Affinity and Custom Affinity: Affinity segments give specific insights into your user, their interests, and what they are passionate about? 

These insights predict and depict your audience’s shopping behavior, lifestyle, and consumption habits. 

Affinity audiences are mostly people who are frequent at shopping, dining out, visiting salons, or attending live events. 

Similar audiences:  Find new customers by building a model of your retargeted audience behaviors and characteristics and then applying them to potential new customers.

Brief of Signal types:

  • Audience signals: Types of people you’re trying to target.

  • Media signals: Info about the content your user is looking at, where your ads might appear.

  • Environmental signals: External factors that might influence the user’s mindset and behavior when your ads are displayed

3. Creative For Full Customer Journey

Develop creatives for the full consumer journey.

The customer journey is a detailed outline of every step a lead takes to become a paying customer, or we can say customer journeys elaborate the path of sequential steps taken and interactions made by the customers with a company, product, and/or service.

4. Test & Learn Marketing

Implement a more fluid process & adopt a test and learn approach. Test and learn marketing, is a data-driven approach to continuously improve your campaigns, website, and brand performance through a series of ongoing tests. 

Chances are you already familiar with conversion rate optimization (CRO). CRO is a perfect example of test & learn marketing.

Turn insight into action from all of your tests that helps you to make informed predictions and decisions for future campaigns, for example : 

  • Selection of the most effective ad format for your campaign.
  • Deeper insights into how you can segment your target audience to determine relevant messaging techniques. 
  • See the performance of your creatives against your target audience lists.

This test and learn approach works on any marketing strategy. And automation tools make the task of managing tests and compiling data easier, that too without draining your funds or resources.

Benefits of LSEM

1. Engages an audience

To engage an audience, you would want to make smart use of your audience data. Audience data can include both first- and third-party data sources. Audience signals personalize campaign messaging. And make it more relevant based on the insights about the audience and their interests.

2. Saves time

No more mapping keywords, bid, and add text to each product on your website. Plus, By changing the category in the feeds, it is easy to target a particular audience. 

To save you time, and keep your ads relevant, Dynamic Search Ad headlines, landing pages are generated using content from your website. 

3. Shows relevant ads

Google Ads dynamically generates, shows relevant ads, with a clear and concise headline for the most relevant page on your site. This ad is generated based on the relevancy of the customer search with your product or service. 

4. Control your ads

You can show ads based on your entire website, or specific categories, or landing pages. Prevent your ads from showing for products that are temporarily not performing well.

You can easily customize your ads by knowing which elements in the ads are not performing better. For example, CTA text, copies, and Images to improve your ad performance.


No brainer, your creatives reflect and affect your brand identity and your brand communicates through it. The ads should be less intrusive, well-timed, and reach the right person conveying thoughtful and well-crafted messages. 

You get the crux here – Reach the right person, in the right moment and through the right message, and BOOM, your ad creative wins admiration from your audience, and you will rightfully gain their attention. Be remembered for better. 

Send your queries our way at hello@www.tatvic.comto know more about LSEM based Digital Advertising services and how can it amplify your digital advertising. You can also check a few examples of our Principle-based, Rich media, Interactive, Data-driven creative advertising here.

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