Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Extension for Magento


Tatvic Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce is a Free Magento Extension that allows you to use the newly launched feature of Universal Analytics - Enhanced Ecommerce.

It’s a free plug n play type extension created with an aim to help you quickly get started with Enhanced Ecommerce feature in Universal Analytics. The extension allows you to use Enhanced Ecommerce Features without adding any new complex codes on your Magento Store.

Start Using Enhanced Ecommerce on Your Magento Store in 15 Minutes.

Enhanced Ecommerce allows you to track your users behaviour across their entire purchase journey, allowing you to generate great business insights to grow your online store.

Benefits of Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Understand Exactly Where Your Users Are Leaving You
  • Customizable Funnel for Check out Process
  • Improvise Product Management
  • Improvise Merchandising Effectiveness
  • Better Remarketing
  • Access to New Powerful Reports
Features of Extension
  • Quick & Easy installation from the Magento interface
  • Supports five New Reports in Enhanced Ecommerce
    • Shopping Behaviour Report
    • Checkout Behaviour Report
    • Product Performance Report
    • Sales Performance Report
    • Order Coupon Report
  • Supports Guest checkout functionality
  • Supports Internal Search Tracking
  • Supports Display Advertising Feature
  • You can use our Extension along with your GTM
Installation Instruction
  • Enable Enhanced E-commerce for your Google Analytics profile/view. This is a profile / view level setting and can be accessed under Admin > View > E-commerce Settings
  • Add meaningful labels to your checkout steps in Google Analytics. You can do the same from Admin > View > E-commerce Settings. We recommend you to label them as below:
    • Step 1: Login
    • Step 2: Billing
    • Step 3: Shipping
    • Step 4: Shipping Method
    • Step 5: Payment
    • Step 6: Review
  • You may have added UA code via extension/ manually. But since our extension adds it by default, we recommend you to remove additional Universal Analytics Tracking Code to avoid any conflict.
  • Activate the Extension from the settings page. Access the same from System > Configuration> Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Add the details asked in configuration section & support section.
  • Save Settings
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