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RGoogleAnalytics Library - Combine Data from Analytics into R

RGoogleAnalytics and RGoogleAnalyticsPremium Package are the 2 packages that help to combine data from analytics into R by extracting data from Google Analytics account in R, where R is a powerful programming language that can carry out statistical analysis, automate complex operations and generate data visualizations for better understanding and improve your business.

We can also implement different machine learning techniques to Google Analytics Data since it is a wide space to utilize.

Delve into this comprehensive document that takes you through the process of integrating Google Analytics with R and see what magic it can work for you!
Google Analytics and GTM Training - Highlights


R can visualize data into different ways and can also plot 2D & 3D graphs which can provide deep dive insights.

Predictive Modelling

There are different kinds of Predictive models which can be applied with Google Analytics to predict what is going to happen based on the historical data that we have. This will really help Marketing professionals to take immediate actions on how to modify existing campaigns, sales performance or user engagement.

Query multiple views of Google Analytics with R

Instead of pulling data from different views into excel and combining data, R can help in querying multiple views at a single instance and provide combined result of the data.


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