data layer automation

Automate Your GTM Data Layer Configuration

Known as DLaT for short, it offers an efficient way to create a tracking requirement for managers & provides the exact snippets to be pushed on the web/app to respective developers via an email. Additionally, it also keeps a track of overall implementation workflow & status which makes it easier for managers to handle roadblocks. Data layer automation tool also provided an automated way to configure GTM tags.

It utilises GA 360 Management API & GTM 360 API to interact with your GA & GTM Account.

Being one of the best local services marketplace in India, Sulekha aims to provide their users an outstanding experience which will help them make confident decisions by evaluating available services. The DataLayer Tool was a crucial tool which helped us increase the speed & accuracy of data collection process by 30%. It is a must for someone who is looking for enterprise-level analytics implementations.
Vijay AnandVice President, Strategy & Analytics

Improved Data Accuracy

DLAT offers an easy way to create a tracking requirement for a managers by simply selecting variables to be tracked for each events.

Readily Available DataLayer Snippets

It provides you with the exact snippets required to be pushed to the web or an app by their respective developers via an email itself.

Automated Creation and Updation of Tags

DLaT provides an automated way to configure GTM tags and Triggers for the DLaT UI itself, with just a single click.

Faster Implementation

With the DataLayer snippets readily available and the automated GTM tags creation, your team can improve the implementation speed by reducing manual work with the help of DLAT

Efficient Communication Between Stakeholders

This tool also keeps a track of overall implementation workflow & status which makes it easier for managers to handle roadblocks.

Data Layer Automation Tool - Value Proposition
Know how this product will increase your operational efficiency and aid yielding better ROI.
How We Helped   to Increase Data Collection Accuracy & Speed by 30%

Sulekha, a leading lead generation company in India was facing challenges with data accuracy and faster implementation pertaining to their analytics project. It was due to its wide range of services to different markets spread across 7-8 digital properties. They also required close communication between teams for implementation status. Tatvic implemented DLaT for them that provided an automated process to configure GTM tags for them. This implementation reduced their manual work considerably & improved their data collection accuracy by 30%.

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