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Real-time Anomaly Detection

A Smart Real-time traffic Anomaly Detection & Monitoring Tool Powered by Anomaly Detection Algorithm

Real-time Anomaly Detection solution helps you identify certain user behavior or actions or a set of actions by users which do not conform to an expected pattern(s) in a dataset. Expected patterns can be generated from historical data sets or idealistic datasets that you can configure as well – we’re big on customization at Tatvic!

Check out this case-study to know how magicbricks Introduces Practical and Robust Anomaly Detection in Data Generated via Google Analytics Premium with Tatvic


Fraud Detection

Now know the sudden spike in the traffic to your website or app is due to bots and spam or is there some other external factor affecting the spike.

Fault Detection

Real-time Anomaly Detection solution lets you point out faults on your website such as broken UX due to new release or change in website and app.

System Health Monitoring

For more complex websites, Real-time Anomaly Detection enables you to keep a track of whether your website and app is up and running smoothly 24 X 7

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Know how this product will increase your operational efficiency and aid yielding better ROI.
Related Case Study

Magicbricks is India’s top high-end property portal. The website caters to a global market with its unique services and novel online features for both buyers and sellers. Given their commitment to user experience and performance across their site’s global operations, they needed a real-time solution to monitor and optimize against their key digital KPIs.

Tatvic developed a way to reduce website downtime and prompt alert management when outages would occur. Using this real-time anomaly alerts platform, the company would clearly see variances in KPIs and move quickly to troubleshoot and fix them.

Read Case Study

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