TV Ad Analytics: Know the Impact of Second Screen with Google Analytics


Need for TV ad analysis for advertising & marketing in today’s data-driven world

Before we move on to understand the concept and working of TV ad analysis let us consider the scenario and need of having a data driven solution like TV Ad analysis.

The digital world has drastically leveled up. Plenty of different strategies are executed for effective marketing that helps reaching  out to the end customers for an increased conversion rate. At the same time, owing to multiple touch points, the user behavior is more diversified than ever. A lot of digital businesses across domains like ecommerce, lead generations and digital publishing strives to break the silo format of the data that they receive pertaining to how their users are interacting with them. 

So, if you as a marketer, ask a question – “What are the impacts of my marketing efforts?” You’ll get an insight into your paid campaigns, search traffic, your email marketing campaigns as well as your social campaigns. Data across digital touchpoints like the website, mobile apps, kiosks, etc has become quick-to-implement and easy-to – access. But what if your marketing strategy is not purely digital? What about the offline media like your TV ads? When such a medium falls into the mix, it gets complicated to identify campaigns’ performance in terms of ROI and outreach?

In today’s fast-evolving digital era, where you have the power to measure everything, this gap should be treated as an opportunity to understand the interplay and relationship between your online and offline marketing activities. In this blog post, I am going to talk about how you can measure the impact of your “Second Screen Impact Analysis” or to simply put up- analysing the impact of TV advertisements on your online traffic. You can plot this data against your other online campaigns to drive greater results.

Let’s dive into why’ we need TV ad analysis and how do we measure the impact of the online traffic driven due to these TV ads?

Advertising in India :

Based on a recent market research, more than 85% users are on their mobile phones while watching TV. One of the leading media agencies, GroupM, elaborates that though the digital advertising will increase at its highest rate ever in 2017, TV ads are here to dominate as a highly preferable medium for marketing.



GroupM Estimates TV ads to hold their dominance in marketing


When planning your annual or semi-annual marketing budget, especially for TV ads, wouldn’t it be just the ideal scenario, if you could take data-backed decisions on the level of investments you commit across the big buckets of TV channels? The TV Ad Analysis tool helps you determine your market spendings for a certain set of channels, how much ROI can you expect and also follow-up with the impact your TV ad campaigns have been able to create.

Objective of TV Ad Analysis

To assess the impact of ad spots on target demographics & provide recommendations for ad spots yielding maximum impact.


  1. Google Analytics 360 and BigQuery account set up with at least 3 months of data
  2. TV Ad Report with ad slot timing, channel, channel spend, channel gross reach, ad duration, channel geography


   1. Measure Effectiveness of Your TV Ad Cost

TV Ad Analysis identifies the sweet-spots and weak performers down to the level of the channels, name of the program as well as the program category

   2. TV Ad Cost Optimization

You can derive focused recommendations for increasing effectiveness of TV Ad Spends and ration the non-performing spots.

   3. Estimate the Impact

With the help of this analysis, you shall be able to quantify the effectiveness of each TV ad-spot spend based on the impact on acquisition metrics.

TV Ad Analysis Report


a. This report provides us with insights on those channels that are more effective in terms of spends and acquiring the traffic.

b. It also helps to decide the channels where we need to increase or  decrease the spends.


  • %Visit Channel wise

Channel-wise analysis


a. The above report shows which are the most effective timings along with best preferred channel to show our ads.

  • %Visit Region wise – Program Category wise

Region-wise report



Since there is huge money involved in TV advertisement it is important to understand the impact of such offline marketing on our websites online traffic. This will augment in decision making for the marketing strategies like which channel, what time slot and what cost should we put in to get the valuable traffic and increase our ROI.

Tatvic has developed a similar solution. Click here to read more about the TV Ad analysis.

Mrunal Buch

Mrunal Buch

Mrunal is a Certified Google Analytics consultant at Tatvic with over 12 years of prior experience in Telecom industry. A fun loving person with interests in music and photography which he pursues with equal passion; just like how passionately he is driven for the success of e-commerce & lead generation giants in the Indian Market.
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  • Avatar
    Nishant Dialani
    March 23, 2019 3:19 am

    Thanks for writing the blog. Can you please explain how a customer visit to the website is attributed to a particular TV ad campaign. In case of web traffic it can be tracked through previous page the user was on or the Google Adwords etc. but how it can be done in case of TV ads.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Nishant,

      Good to see your interest to understand one of our successful solution. We use Google Cloud infrastructure to create a baseline model for predicting the traffic on the website enabling marketing team to gauge the effectiveness of the TV Ads campaign.
      Please download our interesting ” TV Ads Analytics Case Study “, to know how we helped one of leading healthcare company.


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