We will review your google analytics account & data based on following:

Usage of different Google Analytics features

As an Enterprise class web analytics tool, Google Analytics can overwhelm you. With certified Google Analytics expert, we assess if you can improve your usage of the product.

Actionability of the data collected by Google Analytics

The focus of this section is to learn if your data is really Action-Able and what recommendation we can give to make your data more actionable.

Accuracy & Consistency of Google Analytics data

We look out for problems of naming convention, custom coding & cookie errors to assess if your Google Analytics data is accurate or not.

Integration with different system(e.g. Google AdWords, sales force, third party shopping cart)

We evaluate if you are effectively integrating your Google Analytics data with other systems like CRM, adwords, etc.

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How we helped Client increase their Lead Submissions by 110%

Our client wanted more lead submission from their Lead Gen Form. We carried out A/B test on form fields which were causing extraordinary drop off. The end result was a 110% increase in lead submissions. Read case study


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