Actionable Google Analytics


The Ultimate Google Analytics Shopify App that Gives you Actionable Insights!


Actionable Google Analytics is a Shopify App which allows you to use some of the most important features of Universal Analytics including Enhanced Ecommerce & User ID Tracking.

By using our App you save hours of time in implementing complex Google Analytics code and instead focus on generating Actionable insights from your data.


3 Essentials Reasons to Try our App:

  • Get powerful features of Enhanced Ecommerce like Purchase Funnel, Product Performance & Internal Promotion Report
  • Track product refunds, out of stock, product position based conversion rate
  • Reduce dependency on developers & eliminate complex implementation effort

And more...

  • Understand Exactly Where Your Users Are Leaving You
  • Create Customizable Funnel for Check out Process
  • Improvise Your Product Management
  • Improvise Your Merchandising Effectiveness
  • Better Remarketing
  • Learn about how different devices are used by same user & how it drives purchase
  • Learn more about which products are refunded more often & take action for such products
  • Be in legal compliance by using I.P Anonymization which is important for EU countries
  • Learn more about which type of & what level of discounts generates conversion
  • Understand which payment methods are most widely used?
Features of App
  • Quick & Easy installation from App interface
  • Access to 9 Reports of Enhanced Ecommerce (Except Checkout Behaviour Report)
  • User ID Tracking
  • Content Grouping
  • Product Refund Data
  • I.P Anonymization
  • Response to any support query in 24 Hours

Want to Get Actionable Data in Your GA? Start Your Free 15 Days Trial Now and then Pay $39 /Month Only.


( then $39 /month )

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