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How Mobile App A/B Testing with Firebase Analytics can help Product Managers Increase App Conversion Rates

Event Date: 29/11/2018

Event Time: 29th Nov 2018

Education Level: Intermediate Level

Who is it for:  

Product Managers, Data Analysts, Product Marketer, App Developers, UX Experts

About This Webinar

With 178B+ apps downloads in 2017, mobile apps revenues are expected to reach $190B by 2020. 1. Hence, constantly improving the experience of your mobile app has become more imperative than ever! One of the most critical KPIs for Product Marketers is App Engagement & Conversion Rates through mobile apps.

There are quite a few mobile app analytics & mobile app A/B testing tools in the market. With the help of these tools you can run experiments to determine which app element is working the best for your users. Firebase is one such mobile app analytics tool that has analytics, app development & A/B testing console built into one comprehensive tool.

In this webinar, we shall discuss A/B testing for mobile apps in Firebase Analytics. Apart from the technical know-how, we shall also cover the business value additions and the role of A/B testing in the Conversion Rate Optimization across different domains.

Key Takeaway Points

  • How Product Managers in different domains use A/B tests to improve conversion rates
  • Using A/B Testing to create an impact on other critical business metrics
  • Overview of Predications – A Brand new in Firebase
  • Live demo of A/B test using Firebase – Hands On Experience


Vatsal Padhiyar

Vatsal is a Technical Analyst at Tatvic Pvt Ltd. He is working in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for a couple of years. He is Polyglot Programmer. Having a degree of Master of Computer Application, he has keen knowledge and interest about data science. He is ambitious and always eager to help others.

Pankaj Bhatlawande

Pankaj is Customer Success Manager at Tatvic with great interest in Digital Analytics. He has worked in Product Management, Strategy and Business development roles in his earlier career path.

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