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Google Data Studio for Mastering the Art of Data Visualizations

Event Date: 29/08/2017

Event Time: 08:30 PM IST

Education Level: Beginner Level

Who is it for:  

Digital Marketers, Data Analysts, Marketing Managers, Business Analysts, Brand Managers and Anyone who knows Google Analytics and is curious to explore more

About This Webinar

Visualization of data is all the rage today owing to the increasing importance of data driven decision making at an enterprise level. Dozens of dashboard building tools have sprung up to meet the demand. Yet in the flurry of technology and enthusiasm, little attention has been paid to how to design focused, thoughtful, and user-friendly dashboards.

In this webinar, we will take you through the basics of Google Data Studio and enable you to unlock the true value of data when converted into insights. With Google Data Studio, you can turn your data into informative dashboards and monthly reports that are easy to read, easy to share and fully customizable.

Successful data visualization designs are built by smart teams with varied skillsets using advanced visualization tools. This is not an easy combination to find, but we’ll help you get started.

Key Takeaway Points

In this 45 minute informative session you’ll learn:

Basics of Google Data Studio
How to Choose the Correct Chart Type for Your Data Set
Design Principles for Creating A Great Visualization


Viraj Shah

Viraj is a consultant at Tatvic and enjoys research on digital analytics. He is a sports lover and an avid marathon runner. Viraj is a commerce graduate and postgraduate in management.

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