Position title
Solution Engineer
  • Responsibility 1: Solutions Development and Assets Creation
  • Activity 1.a.: Work with Solutions Specialist to develop/ automate/ standardize solutions through effective SDLC frameworks close- loop with feedback from the internal and external stakeholders
  • Activity 1.b.: Contribute to knowledge assets and internal SOP documentation in the form of ERD diagrams, Functional Specs docs, Code bases on GIT/ CSR, Sandbox/ Demo, User Manuals (assisting technical writers)
  • Activity 1.c: Enforce technical capabilities during the development as follows:
    • Design solution architecture diagram and create structured documentation based on inputs from Solution Specialist
    • Provide an estimation of development tasks in line with Sprint/ Agile development to be fitted into a roadmap before development
    • Use the relevant set of programming frameworks for frontend and backend development not limited to Django & Flask, Python/Java, Node Js/Express JS, React & Vue Js, PHP/HTML/CSS, SQL/MongoDB, etc 
    • Design and Deploy solution APIs using Google Cloud/ AWS for building data pipelines and server processing, data warehouse and storage optimization
  • Maintain coding standards & build reusable code and libraries for future use
  • Configure alert system for the solutions for quick resolution of bugs triggered by system and user feedback and create cost monitoring dashboards
  • Ensure the system is fail safe against all unwanted intrusions and leaky firewalls and access is provided only to authorized users
  • Build data science models using Cloud ML/ Python Notebooks for the solutions which require the implementation of AI/ML recipes
  • Use GitLab/ CSR to host the developed codes/ scripts/ notebooks for further use 
  • Responsibility 2: R&D and Training
  • Activity 2.a.: Do extensive research on new technologies, tools and platforms, solution packages, frameworks built by Google/ Amazon/ third party/ open source that can be utilized for the internal solutions POCs
  • Activity 2.b.: Train internal Delivery or be the g-to for DEL technical teams for the usage of all assets generated by the Solutions team

Functional Competencies

Data Structure & Algorithms

Solution Design (ERD, FSD, Arch, Data Flow)

Database Languages (SQL/NoSQL)

Scripting Languages (Frontend & Backend)

Cloud Technology (AWS/GCP)

Machine Learning (DS Models, NLP, DNN, AutoML)

APIs & Libraries

Testing, Code Debugging & Error Logging

Version Control System

Employment Type
Job Location
Date posted
May 27, 2022
Valid through
October 31, 2022

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