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Here’s How Tatvic helped increase their Lead Submissions by 110%.

client background
Client Background

Paychex is a recognized leader in the payroll, human resource, and benefits outsourcing industry. It was founded with the vision to make payroll outsourcing easy and affordable for small businesses. Paychex now operates in 100+ locations across the USA.


More Sessions Less Conversions

Paychex was concerned about their investment in user acquisition Vis-à-vis conversion into leads from their website forms. Since website forms were an important step in funnel for them to generate leads, they wanted to understand the cause behind the low performance of their Lead Gen Form. In addition to that Paychex wanted to track & analyze user behavior while they move through different form fields & wanted Tatvic to provide recommendations using A/B testing.

These recommendations would eventually result into form restructure & eventually increase in form conversion rate.

approach to solution _ hypothesis
Approach to Solution

Understanding the user journey

To understand user behavior on Lead Gen Form pages, Tatvic implemented customized event tracking and custom variables/dimensions through Google Tag Manager (GTM).

Tatvic started working on tracking different steps (i.e. form fields) using virtual pageviews in Google Analytics. Using virtual pageviews, funnels were built in Google Analytics to understand the user’s journey through form fields & user abandonment rate.

Tatvic also collected metadata of form’s placement, form positioning and No. of fields in a given form and defined KPIs such as form start rate, form completion rate, form abandonment rate to analyze the performance of the forms.

Analysis provided several potential ideas for A/B tests and usability changes. From an initial observation and analysis of the funnel data, it was discovered that several form fields were causing extraordinary drop-off. This led us to carry out A/B Tests on those form fields as well as form orientation in order to boost the form conversion rates.


Increase in Lead Submission

Tatvic carried out A/B test on form fields which were causing extraordinary drop off. The input method of the form field was changed to a user friendly drop down field. This small change resulted into 110% increase in number of lead submissions for Paychex.

Tatvic also conducted A/B tests for aligning some of the forms at the right hand side of the page and removed sidebar links & other content to eliminate distraction. This test resulted into 59 % improvement in form start rate and 48% in lead submissions.

Implementation of form field tracking using Virtual Pageviews, helped Paychex identify users who started filling the form but did not submit. Paychex could also use ‘Remarketing’ to target all these users.

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