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Predictive Lead Scoring & Re-targeting using Google Analytics | Guide

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You’ve finally got your predictive marketing campaign up and running. Your model is working, and you’re finally able to see the trees in the forest when it comes to identifying your best marketing leads. But here’s where the real fun begins: segmentation and targeting!

Remarketing is the practice of advertising to users who visit your website or open your emails through banner displays and social media ads. While many B2C eCommerce companies are famously good at retargeting, more B2B marketers are increasingly practicing their digital marketing mix.

You may even be using remarketing today but without the benefit of incorporating your predictive scoring data into your current campaigns.

How can it help

The beauty of using predictive lead data in remarketing is that you can serve prospective advertisements to those in your database that carry the highest likelihood of converting. This means that you can better manage your remarketing budget by advertising to audiences that are best suited to your product and service, rather than simply remarketing anyone and everyone who comes to your website. You’ll probably still want to keep a  target-everyone remarketing campaign to capture the first-party data at the very top of your funnel if you’re currently having success with them.  But at the end of the day, you’ll definitely want to rethink how you structure your campaigns once you’re able to segment your most qualified audience.

Tatvic’ Cloud For Marketing Solution for Predictive Analytics and Lead Scoring, developed in collaboration with Google Cloud, helps you predict the propensity of the user to convert on your website, in the conversion period of your business. These AI and ML-based models help you to divide the audience into high, medium and low buckets based on their propensity to convert.

Let’s talk about segmentation. Without good segmentation based on predictive data, we wouldn’t have been very good at this whole predictive marketing thing! So at the top, you’ve got your Most Qualified predictive leads: people in your database who are both the right fit and very committed to your content. They tend to get passed on to sales right away. But what about all the others?

What about the leads that fall into the lower buckets?

For this blog let’s consider ‘List B’ leads to be those that are very well suited at the company or account level, but may not be personally engaged enough at the individual level to pass on to sales based on your score thresholds. Then comes List C & D. Well, those C leads (involved, but not a good company fit) and D leads (not engaged and not a good company fit) can just stay in your regular nurturing stream for the time being when they can hopefully move up the lead food chain!

As marketers, it is our mission to turn those B leads into A leads by enabling them to interact with our content and become more familiar with what we have to offer.  Why is that? Because we want those users to have some idea of what your company is doing when one of your sales reps contacts them!

Taking Remarketing to the next level 

When you add behavioral analytics to your remarketing, you will learn why and how your targeting works and adjust it based on the most up-to-date data you have.

Behavioral analytics is getting to the root of what consumers have been doing — how they want to buy, what kind of features they want, etc. It is mostly used as a way to enhance the product, but it can be just as effective a tool when applied to ads.

To make the most successful advertising possible, you want to tap into what your consumers really want and what they’re actually going to do. With retargeting, you have the ideal opportunity to combine marketing with analytics, because those you retargeted have already begun their consumer journey. You can see how they behave and how similar customers have acted in the past, and you can constantly adapt your actions on the basis of what you know from your potential customers.

Remarketing better with insights

Better data analysis ensures that you can build even more tailored campaigns. Instead of setting up a large category that doesn’t see a high degree of interaction or conversion, and thus wastes your promotional money, slices and dices your users down to even more specific traits.

Lead Scoring Remarketing

Structuring your remarketing in this way removes the uncertainty that makes conventional remarketing less successful than it might be. You learn more about your customers and products and use your resources more effectively at the same time.

Helping your data help you.

Simply storing and preserving all the data the company generates is worthless — there’s too much. True value comes from the exploration of knowledge, by the constant refinement of your own questions and assumptions.

In the case of remarketing, the large and unsuccessful outlines of the conventional approach can be strengthened by adding data insights. For every remarketing campaign, you will recognize the questions that need to be addressed and make an immediate impact with those responses.

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Akshita Shah is a CRO specialist at Tatvic. Being a multifaceted designer, she has sound knowledge in optimizing digital experiences, designing user-centric products, and creating functional, aesthetically pleasing spaces. Problem solving enthusiast with a keen eye for design and planning, you could find her exploring new experiences and fields.

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