Infographic – Improving your Google Analytics set-up

Setting up Google Analytics is very easy. But it can generate ton of problems if not configured well or not mainted well e.g., Visits from your subdomain might appear under “referrals” or your Google Analytics might be showing you misleading e-commerce data.

Hence, we found that if there is one place or a checklist that we can make that people can print & put it up on their desk which can help just to check or Uncheck problems when you are Auditing Google Analytics Implementation different problems.  We paste this on our desk and when a new client calls up, we keep talking about it and wow , it helps so much !

To help us and others , we’ve created this infographic that takes you through some of the checks. The graphic also shows some tracking opportunities which are generally missed while setting up Google Analytics.

Use this code to embed this Infographic in your Blog/Website.

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