How do you pass your online discounts

Recently, one of our e-commerce client requested that he would want to pass on few discounts in order to increase the revenue. We didn’t really had lot of time to analyze the market and plan what to offer and he already had something to offer in his mind. Then she was going to just put it on its website and doh done !!

at 1 AM morning here in India , we requested client to wait for 2 more hours before putting the offer into production. We just looked at google analytics for first hour, luckily we had set up google analytics very nicely for them. We found that

  1. The visits that coverts were mostly from returning visitors.
  2. The visits that converts were mostly between 2 PM to 10 PM on the local time.

That’s it pretty simple with google analytics and its advance segment features. So what happened after-wards ? See here is what we got. really nothing fancy , just a 5 grader !

We requested client to shed the offer budget by 30% and put it in buying some more traffic from Pay per click campaigns. We also wrote a quick piece of code which will only display offers/discounts between these hours and that’s it. It did not take really long.

The entire work got done at about 6 AM here in Bangalore and boh we were good. About 4 hours.

What are the results ??

  1. The campaigns brought about 10% more visits to the website
  2. The conversion rate dipped a little but it was offset by extra visits that we bought from PPC
  3. The net profit from this entire operation was about double the similar offer that they had ran earlier. In quantity it matched about $3500 of net benefit in 4 hours !! Whoppa !!

Thats the game ! more than money , it gives immense pleasure to see such results.

Guys, if you are really providing any discounts and offers please do check for the such things.Because, you do have consumers in the market who are willing to pay for your products/services happily. You only want to offer discounts to the guys who are sitting on the sidelines.

If it takes 4 hours to us to get such a great results, even if it takes about a day to do it, I guess its more than worth it.

Have you done such analysis in past ? can you try now ?

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  • It might have been good if you can upload better image to understand it better.

    However , this is great piece of quick hits that can be used to pass on discount . Hope it would have come before holiday season.

    Anyways, keep up the good work !!

  • Hey Matt,
    Sorry about the Image, I am no good at editing it properly, but I would learn from Babu or Anil or Aman surely.

    Eh ! It did actually come “due” to holiday season ,however right not before the holiday season. Will try and pre-empt things. These days are full of learnings you know.

  • Cow was actual conversion evaluated?

  • Conversion was evaluated as total no.of transactions divided by no.of visits to the website.


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