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What are the top 10 Interactive Media Advertising Examples?

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top 10 Interactive Media Advertising Examples

No one likes viewing ads. No one likes being interrupted all day with bland ads. Ads are easy to forget or overlook. With the sheer number of ads served daily, people show reluctance unless they see something that genuinely intrigues them. Everyone tends to ignore intrusive ads.

Advertisers and marketers would like to reach their target audience through different channels by creating ads or messaging. But people develop banner blindness and ignore the ads or marketing communications completely.

The daily number of ads served from different brands via different channels keeps increasing and increases banner blindness.

Banner blindness is a difficult barrier to cross. Creative marketing ideas like Interactive ads help navigate this hurdle. Creative ads cut through the clutter of bland ads and gain their targeted audience’s attention. 

Here are some great examples of interactive ads.

What are interactive ads?

Interactive ads invite users to physically take action on the ad creative, reveal something in the ad, or navigate towards a specific portion of the ad.

Also, we can use interactive ads to navigate the user to a different journey or landing page. 

Interactive ads require some user interaction that is hard to achieve through standard banner ads. That is why Interactive ads are a great way to communicate with consumers directly rather than showing a standard static banner.

Top 10 Interactive Ads Example

There is a wide range of interactive ads available in the online world. Below are the best examples of interactive ads.

  1. Lightbox
  2. Chatbot
  3. 360° Creative
  4. Scratch card
  5. Spin and win
  6. Survey Ads
  7. Carousel Ads
  8. Parallax
  9. Slider Creative
  10. Stacked cards


Lightbox ads are a combination of standard ads and full-screen banner ads. They work by capturing the user’s attention with a smaller ad, usually as a video or display. And once the user clicks or hovers on it. That will expand into a full-screen ad experience.

Examples 1: Google Preview Lightbox | Interactive Media Advertising Examples | Tatvic


A chatbot is an AI-based tool that simulates human conversation without voice commands or text chats. 

Here we are using a text chat that provides questions based on the user response. The bot will ask users a few questions regarding the user’s query that helps the bot to understand the user’s concern and eventually send the user to relevant experts or guide them to take further action

Examples 2: Chatbot | Interactive Media Advertising Examples | Tatvic

360° Creative

In the digital world, the users can not experience the product or service and have to decide by looking at some photos only. Here 360° ads come as a handy solution. It can give a full view of the product from all angles. Customers can view the product from all angles, and then he/she can make a more informed final purchase decision

Examples 3: CarDekho 360° | Interactive Media Advertising Examples | Tatvic

In this example, we have created a 360° HTML viewer in the ad slot itself. That will help users to understand the product better and help them to make final decisions. When users swipe on the ad area, then they get to interact with the ad.

Scratch card

Scratch card is one of the highest impacting interactive ads, specifically in India. The major players in the payment world are using this format to give promotional offers to their users.

Examples 4: Johnsons Cottontouch Scratch card | Interactive Media Advertising Examples | Tatvic

In the example, we are using the scratch card to reveal J&J’s new product lineup called Cotton Touch.

Scratch cards can be static or animated. A Static scratchcard is a simple ad that includes two static images, first the primary banner and then the promotional banner. The Primary banner design creates an urge for customers so that he/she can scratch (wipe) and reveal the promotional offer.

The CTR and conversion rate of this kind of ad are the highest compared to any other interactive format.

Spin and win

Spin and Win is a highly engaging way to grow your user base by distributing coupon codes. This method is a strong example of using the Reciprocity Principle and Reward Me value proposition. It helps to increase the CTR of the creative compared to any other type of standard banner.

Examples 5: Spin&Win Scratch card | Interactive Media Advertising Examples | Tatvic

Survey Ads

In the year 2021, research helps any business survive, hence we need to conduct market research before launching any product/service

Examples 6: Survey Ads | Interactive Media Advertising Examples | Tatvic

With Tatvic, you can create short survey ads and run them as a Google display ad. It will allow you to take input from millions of internet users from all over the world.

Carousel ads

Carousel ads are engaging and fun. Also, this is one of the most common interactive ad formats used by clients to promote their products and services. In this format, there are multiple slides of product images clustered together. These images can transition automatically, or they can be swiped across manually.

Examples 7: Carousel Ads | Interactive Media Advertising Examples | Tatvic


A Parallax ad is an immersive and interactive ad format that is designed for the mobile web specifically. It displays a layered, parallax animation effect. This animation effect grabs attention and is non-intrusive. Different images layered in the ad format create a unique perception of the different depths present in the ad. By scrolling through the content on their phone, the ad is revealed fully to the viewer

Examples 8: Parallax | Interactive Media Advertising Examples | Tatvic

Slider Creative

A Slider creative can have one or two slider controls that allow the user to select one or a range of values (ex. prices, dates, times, etc.) by dragging handles. For example, in this ad, we have used an age slider that changes the premium price according to the selected age.

Examples 9: Slider Creatives | Interactive Media Advertising Examples | Tatvic

Stacked cards

A Stacked card creative has multiple layers of slides that demonstrate product photos and videos in a specific order. This format is one type of swipeable creative but is much more engaging. Here is an example of a stacked card creative. This creative effect is similar to a popular web app that makes it a lot more fun and engaging.

Examples 10: Stacked Cards | Interactive Media Advertising Examples | Tatvic


Interactive ads help in gaining attention by directly engaging with their audience. Interactive ads are the best way to create eye-catching ads. 

These immersive rich media ads can turn traditional advertising into a fun activity for the viewers.

You can check some examples of Rich media and interactive Creatives and learn more about Interactive Ads with us. 

Reach us at hello@www.tatvic.com for any further assistance. We will help you with the most relevant rich media creative selection for your business based on your advertising needs.

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