Review of New A/B Testing Tools

We know by now many people (especially our audience) know How A/B tests work and how important it is to optimize landing pages. So while you are reading this, I assume you are already testing your pages with some tool.

By the time we matured ourselves in optimizing Landing Pages and doing A/B tests in Google Web Optimizer, we bumped in to a lot of A/B test tools, which allowed much-advanced features than GWO. While Google is working really hard to improve GWO and We believe great features are coming up for GWO, these are the tools that does required to be noticed.

We liked two tools a lot and found them really outstanding, easy to use amongst all tools and a very easy and modern approach – DIY (Do It Yourself) The tools we liked are 1. Visual Web optimizer and 2. Optimizely. (link) We have tried to review both of them here, just for people who are looking for testing tools. No, we are not comparing them with each other, both are great in performance. The review will just help people to choose a tool with features they like.

Common features on Both A/B Testing Tools

1. DIY (Do it yourself): There’s no IT support required apart from pasting a single code to your page. Design as many variations you can

2. WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get): See yourself the changes you make. Everything is visual. No hiding.

3. No lengthy sign up form: What do I have to do with your marriage anniversary? Or which kind of dog you have? They only ask Email and Password. That’s it. However, you have to provide more information when you start the experiment, till then you can get used to it without providing much info.

4. One time code pasting: The code has to be pasted just once. As many as tests can be done after that without any on integration required.

5. 30 Day trial: Very essential. No one buys without testing. But, an all time free plan would have been a good help for small organizations.

Let’s take both of them one by one.

1. Visual Web optimizer


Multivariate Testing:

The best thing about this tool is, you can do multivariate testing! You can create Variations of the page as well as sections.

It provides Heatmap and Clickmap which is a very important features to have.

Multivariate Testing

App mode:

Once you sign up to do an experiment, it opens a web app mode which is easy to use and step by step guide. It provides a Dashboard, you can see, edit/delete experiments.

App mode

Free A/B Split Testing Tools:

We loved this. These tools are very handy for all extra things about page testing.

Can be integrated with GA, Omniture, WordPress and Drupal: All these integrations are available. Very unique!

Pricing: With $49 to $249 a month, it’s not a bad pricing for this type of features and tools. People regularly involved in A/B and Multivariate tests will get a good ROI here.

Free A/B Split Testing Tools

2. Optimizely


Though this tool provides only A/B test (No multivariate test), but still this is very powerful.

A video on home page, first fold, with the call to action “get started, no sign up required”, half job done.

There’s no sign up required just to try how it works and set up a test. But what some users might not like is they are asked credit card details once they decide to Start an experiment. There’s a free 30 day trial, but card details are required to start experiments. Many users might get filtered because of this.

Image resizing:

Great stuff. Make adjustments to your page sections. Change size of the call to action, make the main image smaller, and incorporate another. You don’t need any geek or designer for this. The drag and drop does a superb job for resizing images.

Tatvic - AB Split Test

One liner code:

It’s only one liner code, which does the trick. Paste it once and do any amount of tests.

The easiest testing tool we found:

This is really easy for anyone. Just create a variation, change text, resize image, or edit HTML code, add javascript in a snap.

Variation experiment create

Then just click on Save and Start experiment.

Variation experiment Save

This was just a high level summary of how both of these tools work, and what you would get out from each of them. I hope this post helps you. Try any/both them and let us know your experience about it/them.

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  • Nice Blog

  • Thank you Kamaksh for the blogpost ! My company has used both products but it seems that both provides similar tool set. It would have been great , if you provide which one we should choose against the other one.

    • Hey Patricia,
      Usage classification of both the tools depends on your usage. Visual web optimizer is a very good tool for Multivariate testing. It also helps you with in-depth testing. e.g., you can even measure your conversion rate and create heat maps. It also provides tools like landing page analyzer. A very good option if you are a pro in A/B testing.
      Optimizely is a very simple to use tool, you can create tests in no time. Very good for a starter or if you want to create quick tests.

  • I welcome you to check out this new tool – cheap and easy a/b testing tool


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