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7-Web & Landing Page Design Hacks to boost Conversions

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When it comes to digital marketing, the first question that comes to mind is how it can increase landing page views. 

And the second biggest concern that bothers everyone is the connection between the landing page and the creative. 

If you also get worried and stressed out by thinking the same questions, we can help you get through it. Here are seven hacks that can get you a top-performing landing page in no time. After implementing these tips, you can work with a website design company in Seattle to further optimize your landing page for conversions.

We will unravel the mystery of these seven hacks one by one so you can easily understand the role these play in your digital marketing campaign of driving more conversions through landing pages.

Top 7 Design Hacks For The Landing Page To Help Increase Conversion:

Here we have listed a few simple hacks for the landing page that are easy to implement and help drive conversions.

  1. Make Sure The Landing Page Connects With Your Ads.
  2. Keep Your Call To Action Above The Fold.
  3. Use The Principles Of Persuasion To Influence The Users To Click.
  4. Showcase The Product/Service Value.
  5. A/B Test Your Landing Page.
  6. Make Sure The Landing Page Loads Fast And Is Simple To Understand.
  7. Give Personalized Offers For The Prospects/Customers. 

1) Make Sure It Connects With Your Ads:

  1. You need to understand that you are sending people to a page that should match visitor expectations. Make sure your copy, imagery(design), and offers are the exact match of the Ads that you’re running on social media, Google ads, or any other platform.
  2. When running many campaigns with different headlines and messaging, you need to create variant pages with Dynamic Text Replacement and ensure the message matches.

2) Keep Your Call To Action Above The Fold:

  • Keeping the CTA above the fold means positioning it in the upper half of a web page and visible without scrolling down the page.
  • By placing our Call to action above the fold, CTA is more visible to the user before scrolling down, and it will generate more clicks.
  • Make sure that the user can easily understand the action item for that landing page.
  • You can showcase more information about the products/services after scrolling down, but as a general rule of thumb, the headline, main messaging/offer, and CTA should always be above the fold.

3) Use The Principle Of Persuasion That Will Influence Users To Click:

  • You can use the Principles Of Persuasion for messaging on the landing page.
  • By using the Authority Principle, you can build trust for that product/service. People are more likely to trust brands who are having some Achievement or are Authority figures.
  • By using Social Proof, you can showcase the review and ratings for the product/service. Testimonials are the most effective form of social proof and help get a conversion.
  • Using the Scarcity principle, you can create urgency to get more clicks.
  • Scarcity compels the landing page visitors to act now. And they might miss out if they wait.

4) Showcase The Value For That Product/Service:

  • On the landing page, you can show what value that product/service brings to the customer. It will increase their interest in your product/service.
  • Show the value you give to the customers. Whether it’s a discount or customer support, show that on the landing page.
  • If products/services help the customer by reducing their efforts or anxiety, or cost then we can highlight that on the landing page.
  • By giving and displaying value to the customer we can build customer loyalty to our product/service.

5)  A/B Test Your Landing Page:

  • Different elements on the landing page convey a message to the customer about what values we are giving them and how it helps them.
  • Visual elements, Text, and color of the Call to action, Headline, CTA Placement, and User Details Form help to convert a lead.
  • You can A/B test the landing page and create multiple variants of different messaging, CTA Text, CTA placement, Layout, User form input fields, and Images versus Videos, to see what works best for your campaign.

6) Keep The Landing Page Fast To Load And Simple To Understand:

  • In this Digital age, Quick load time has become an expectation of every user. As per Hubspot, 55% of Visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on any website. These stats are enough to confirm the importance of quick load time for your landing page. 
  • Slower-loading of landing pages will result in lesser conversions. For example, people are less likely to purchase any products from eCommerce websites with slow landing pages and even less likely to visit that page again in the future.
  • To increase your conversion rate, you need to make sure that your landing page loads fast enough.
  • Keep the landing page simple, don’t display too many things that confuse your customers. Make it straightforward with your offerings/promotions.

7) Personalized Offer For The Prospect:

  • You can personalize the landing page for prospects to increase conversions. (A prospect is someone who can be your potential customer, qualified to fit certain criteria), is in your target market, can buy your product or services, and is authorized to make buying decisions.
  • Personalized landing pages mean you can showcase to the customer the promotional offers are exclusively for them only.
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