4 Elements to A/B Test for Product Recommendations to Increase Order Value

A/B Test

Testing Product recommendation means experimenting with different elements of recommendations section to make it more usable and convertible. There are different ways you can test product recommendations. Below are the elements you should test to improve performance of your product recommendations section.

1) Title

Title is the most important element of the recommendation section. The title is why people will see the recommendations. Sometimes, Title is the only thing visible in first fold.

Product Recommendation Title

Suggested titles to test:

      • “60% people who viewed above product also viewed these:”
      • “60% people who bought above product also bought these:”
      • “60% people who bought above product also viewed these:”
      • “60% people who viewed above product bought these:”

Note: “60%” is just used as an example above. That number would vary depending upon the user behavior.

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2) Call-to-action

Call-to-action is why people will click and go further to buy more. It’s not every time that “Add to cart” button will get more clicks. We’ve seen instances where “Know more” as a prominent button get better conversions rates.

Call to action button

Suggestions to test call-to-action:
      • “Know more” as call-to-action button and “Add to cart” as a small link
      • Only “Know more” as a call-to-action button.

(No “Add to cart” CTA  tells customers that the seller wants them to explore the product before they buy)

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3) Placement

WHERE you place product recommendation section is also important and hence it should be tested. For some sites, recommendations on one page might perform better than recommendations on other page.

Suggestions to test placements:
      • Product page vs Shopping cart page
      • Product page vs category page
      • Category page vs Shopping cart page
      • On product page, you can test it below the product details vs above the product details
      • On shopping cart page, you can try it below the “Checkout” button vs above it.


Product Page with Product Recommendation

Product page


Shopping cart page

Shopping Cart Page with Product Recommendation

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4) Normal recommendations vs Bundles

A Product Bundle is basically a group of products that you offer to your users, mostly at a discount. It’s a nice way to encourage impulse buying and increase order value. When a customer is on a product page, you can suggest a bundle of products that would go well with that product.

Suggestion for test between different pages:

      • Test product bundling vs normal recommendations.


Normal Product Recommendations Offer

Normal recommendations


Product bundling

Normal Product Recommendations Offer

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To carry out the above A/B Test on your product recommendation you can use tools like Optimizely and Visual web optimizer.

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  • Hey Kushan,
    This article is brilliant for two reasons. First for the concept of recommendation discussed here and second for the stack you used. I wonder how simple it is to convey the concepts and deliver applications through this framework of arrangement. Thanks a lot for sharing this. Very informative.


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