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3 Reasons Why You Need an Expert to Set up Your Google Analytics

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Reason Why You Need a Google Analytics ExpertIt is important to have a powerful analytics tool to monitor your promotional activities, visitor’s behaviour and conversion pattern.

You can monitor any E-commerce store, content, lead generation or business website online and learn about its performance with the help of Google Analytics.

It is the best analytics tool available for free (except Premium version) and helps you in understanding user behaviour, campaign performance, content performance and other relevant key business KPIs to improve you online business.

Several website owners opt for DIY exercises to get Google Analytics implemented on their website.

But due to lack of GA Implementation & Configuration knowledge, website owners end up collecting incorrect data.  Even though, Google Analytics is free & easy to implement, it does require help of a Professional Google Analytics Expert to make the best use of Google Analytics data.

Here, are top 3 reasons that describe the need to hire a GA expert to setup and configure your GA account:

1. Am I taking a right decision?

This question haunts every senior executive of an organization when they take a crucial business decision. I suppose every website owner looks into analytics data, before taking a business decision and there starts the confusion-

Is the analytics data correct? Is it consistent? I know an ecommerce merchant who had all their subdomains configured as referrals by their in-house analyst causing almost every metrics erroneous.

When they consulted our company for improvement in conversion rate, we found that the conversion rate data in GA is incorrect as sessions were breaking every time a visitor travels to a subdomain and returned to main domain to complete the transaction.

In such a case, only an expert can look into your analytics data to know about your website performance, can compare different data points to check and confirm consistency and then help you understand about valuable insights that can help you to take correct business decision. Further, an expert can check whether your GA is properly integrated with your AdWords, Web Master Tool/Site Search or not. Remember, having this data is crucial for taking business decisions. 

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2. How can I understand my visitors?

Understanding visitor’s behavior on the website is a major concern of every website/business owner. Even though, there are number of online sources available on Consumer Behaviour for B2B and B2C marketing, there is no such relevant source or research paper that explains you about online consumer behaviour. Here’s when a Google Analytics Expert can come to your rescue & can help you by tracking your visitor’s behavior through Custom Event & Virtual Pageviews Tracking.

GA by default does not track any event except ‘page load’, so to understand other interactions of your visitors across the pages, you need to add some extra codes in your website.

This event tracking codes consists of values that describe a user’s interaction:

  • Category (Required) –name you give to a group of objects, you want to track.
  • Action (Required) –type of interaction for example – download
  • Label (Optional) –useful for summarizing what the event is about. It proves useful for categorizing events (e.g. navigation buttons)
  • Value (Optional) – If you’d like to assign a numeric value to your file download

Let us check an example:

A content publishing site publishes articles written by different authors. Article pages contain some pop up, video & download option.

With event tracking you can track:

  • Number of times the video was played
  • Number of times the pop up was close & Number of times people submitted their email id in pop up
  • Number of downloads made by the user

Apart from this, you also can track the AJAX content on your website and even No. of visitors who scrolled down to check the content below the fold. For ecommerce sites, you can track No. of Product page or Cart page events to learn more about the user shopping behavior. This insight in particular can prove helpful in designing a proper remarketing campaign for abandoning visitors. Google recently introduced Enhanced Ecommerce that offers richer insights into pre-purchase shopping behavior and product performance.

An expert can track 50 such events from a regular ecommerce site which provides valuable insights for decision making

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3. Which data should be tracked in GA?

This bugs a lot to every senior executive! GA provides you with an ocean of relevant data, only when properly configured. I came across several such situations, where a manager doesn’t know where to find data to solve a business problem, while analyst is seating with a lot of data ignorant about which business problem can be solved with it. 

Your GA expert creates a bridge here. They set up dashboards within or outside GA for the KPIs from different aspects. When you have an expert to work with you, it is advisable to go for separate dashboards for Marketing, Product or Sales departments.

They may get you custom reports from GA like the visitors segmented on time, time zone for a category or simply on how many iPhone users are visiting a page. I am sure, such custom reports will help you to rethink on your marketing strategy related to product development, marketing or delivery.

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Who is a GA expert?

An expert is one, who looks at your website from your business point of view. Before starting an actual conversation with you, he will ask you several questions to understand the roadmap of decision making process in your organization and weightage of GA data there.

Then expert will consider- your business goals, internal procedures, organizational structure, and decisions all into account in your GA implementation, and will show you how Google Analytics can help your organization identify issues, fix them and finally improve your operational efficiency.

Several organizations have a team of in-house experts, but make sure you hire only the best expert, who is fully certified to carry out GA implementation. If you are looking for an external agency, it is wise to depend on somebody who is certified for analytics and have served some of the best clients in their portfolio.


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