3 Essential Reasons to Measure the Impact of TV Advertisements on Your Website Traffic

TV Advertisements

Digital advertising arena is growing at faster pace, but TV still remains the most preferred choice of several marketers for promoting their products/services to their audience.

Studies have shown that TV advertisements are also the most significant drivers of web traffic with over 47% of extra visits generated by it.

As several marketers and business owners continues to spend huge amount of money every year on TV advertisement, it becomes important to study its impact on website traffic.

3 Reasons why it is essential to measure effectiveness of TV advertisements:

1) Avoid mistakes: When companies spend huge amount of money in TV advertisements, then it is essential to measure impact of their TV ads. If the TV ads are shown at improper time or channel, then it may not created expected impact on targeted audience and in turn will not generate any ROI.

2) Evaluation of alternative strategies: By measuring and evaluating the impact of TV ads, business owners can know about alternative strategies for their investment on ads, which will help them to get better ROI. Further, they can also develop different strategies for different time slots, products, regions, channels and TV shows to avail maximum advantage and ROI.

3) Increase efficiency of your advertising in general:  If a company can measure its ROI for its every advertising medium, then it can prove helpful for them in planning for future advertising strategy to increase effectiveness and efficiency of TV ads.

With web analytics tool/software, we can measure impact of digital advertising on target audience. On the contrary, there is no tool available to measure the impact of TV advertisements on website traffic. There have been lot of discussion & analysis on the new methods to measure effectiveness of TV Advertisements. And the challenge to find an effective method prompted us to carry out an analysis to measure the impact of TV Advertisements on Website Traffic.

To share the results of the analysis, Tatvic is conducting a webinar in which users will be shown how a TV ad impacts website traffic and how much revenue and web traffic it generates. By understanding it in a better way, you can understand which TV ad performed better and why.

Watch the webinar & learn:

  • Impact of TV ads on your website traffic
  • Which time frame and TV Ad Spot attracts high traffic
  • How long users engage with your website once the Advertisement is aired

TV Webinar

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