Understanding the Impact of TV Advertisements on Your Website Traffic

Oct 15, 2014 11 AM EST / 5:00 PM CEST

Beginner Level


CMO, CEO, Digital Marketing Managers

About This Webinar

Though investment in digital advertisement is growing at a faster rate, TV is still the top choice of marketers to promote their products and services. According to an Independent Study, over $68.5 Billion will be spent alone on TV Advertisement in US. Since, billions of dollars are spend every year on TV advertisement, it becomes important to study its impact on the Website Traffic.

Key Takeaway Points

In this 45 minute informative session you’ll learn how to:

Impact of TV Advertisement on Your Website Traffic
Which Time Frame & TV Adspot gets most traffic
How Long a user engages with your website once the Advertisement is aired


Carve out your “best customers” from the pool of transacting customers via Predictive Machine Learning and remarket only to them and improve your Remarketing ROI and Conversions by leaps and bounds using Predictive Analysis!



Siegfried Stepke

Ravi Pathak

Ravi Pathak

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