Universal Analytics Migration



Custom Dimensions and Metrics

Universal allows you to add custom dimension and metrics and those are available in all the reports. If you want to define a visitor-level custom dimension of age or income or member or newsletter subscriber or anything else you can think, once configured, it’s available just like any standard dimensions that GA is tracking by default.

Measurement Protocol

The Measurement Protocol allows you to send data to GA from anything that has access to the internet -point-of-sale systems, kiosks, call centers, handheld barcode scanners and so on. So virtually you can connect any other data source which can be correlated with online activities can be accessible.


User ID

Tracking User is very sticky in GA as PII (Person Identifiable Information) is not permitted. UA also doesn’t permit PII tracking in its systems, but it does now let you assign your anonymous User ID. When someone logs in, clicks on an email you sent them, or does any other activities that allows you to programmatically identify that user, you can send that anonymous User ID to UA. So the advantage is when GA knows the User ID, it can track user behavior through different devices as well.

Universal is Ultimate

Eventually you need to migrate to the new operating standard of Google Analytics. All the new features introduced by Google are only for Universal not for Classic GA and there are lot more benefits to consider.



Accurate migration to universal property, resulting into improved tracking

No data loss during migration

Improved data to understand users better


Accurate migration to universal property, resulting into improved tracking


No data loss during migration


Improved data to understand users better



  • Document & Assessment report of what all custom code is available
  • Administrative level of Access to GA

Service Design Methodology

GTM Installation

Installation of Google Tag Manager (GTM). This lets you add or update your website tags and mobile applications, easily without any changes on your server.


Migration to Universal Analytics

  • Web property will be migrated to Universal Analytics
  • Classic Google Analytics tracking code will be removed from your site
  • Take advantage of new capabilities


Set up custom dimension and metrics in your GA account.

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