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Sulekha’s business model is to provide a platform to the users looking for services in 200+ different categories (including home/office services, coaching/training, lifestyle & property/rentals, etc.) and to businesses which offer these services to the end users. Apart from India, where Sulekha is a strong leader in services, it also operates in USA, Canada, UK and UAE markets to serve Non-resident Indians. Read case study
Paychex wanted more lead submission from their Lead Gen Form. We carried out A/B test on form fields which were causing extraordinary drop off. The end result was a 110% increase in lead submissions. Read case study
e-dialog wanted a solution that could automate their Google Adwords report generation process. Using Tatvic Excel Plugin we created a master template that would generate reports within minutes. This saved e-dialog’s 1 day of manual effort every month. Read case study
Client wanted to remove inaccuracies in their Google Analytics data to take better business decisions. We upgraded the web property to Universal Analytics through GTM. The end result was improved tracking and better reporting in Google Analytics. Read case study
Our client had 14 different web properties and all properties had different Google Analytics account. We converted all the web properties under single GA Account & Implemented GTM to reduce dependency on IT Team. Our Client was now able to see accurate data in GA & take better business decisions.Read case study
Our client wanted to improve their conversion rate. We carried our A/B test on their cart page which had high exit rate. The end result was a 22% increase in their transactions. Read case study
Our Client wanted a solution that would allow them the luxury of good margin without affecting the sales volume. We carried out Price AB Testing Using Liftsuggest Price Discovery Engine and the end result was an increase in profit margin for two products.Read case study
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