The Science Behind App Uninstalls Prediction – Part 2/2


So fellow app marketers and product developers, as promised, we build on from where we left in the previous blog. We talked about compelling app uninstalls stats and also drew insights on an app marketer’s woes. If we do not have means to retarget and bring them back, we lose the customers forever once they… Read More »

The Science Behind App Uninstalls Prediction – Part 1/2


Uninstalling an app from our smartphone is the easiest thing to do, right? Enough blogs have mentioned about why customers uninstall apps. A multitude of companies have done surveys and reporting to reach at 10 worst reasons causing uninstalls. For e.g. Google App Marketing Survey says an average app user has 36 apps installed on… Read More »

Google Optimize 360 vs Optimizely vs VWO: Through an Infographic


There are few popular A/B Testing and Personalization tools in the market that truly stand up to the users’ expectations and provide a complete platform to plan, execute, test and monitor experiments. Enhancing user journey is a talk of the town these days and Google Optimize 360 is the newest entrant making it’s way up… Read More »

How to implement Google Tag Manager for Android


At I/O 2013, Google added new features to the Google Tag Manager. They launched Google Tag Manager for Android and iOS devices. It is used in Mobile App along with Google Analytics to track various user behavior and help the marketers identify the trends, needs of users, app performance and other peculiar insights. Google Tag… Read More »

JavaScript error tracking in Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager: The unsung hero


What? How? Why? Was that your reaction when you read the title of my blog? Well, as a developer, it is important for us that the code we have written, should not break or should not be blocked by other scripts. Users are very creative these days – if at all tester misses some use… Read More »

Google Optimize 360 : The Power House of Personalization


In our previous blog on 5 UX trends, we covered topics like: What is personalization What is personalization How it works wonders for your user engagement What benefits you reap by implementing personalization on your website and mobile site Engaging prospects to convert and gaining frequent visitors to create a loyal customer base is a… Read More »

5 UX Trends That Will Help You Score a Bullseye with Website Personalization


Personalization is when you are put into a bubble that is more like your personal universe. Personalised UX makes the design of a product feel insightfully alive. There are a lot of benefits for businesses to personally tailor a user’s experience. Offering your users an easy-to-browse and easy to navigate websites, enhances their experience. Businesses… Read More »

5 Parameters You Should Be Aware of While Using AdWords in Google Analytics


Google AdWords has been one of the most established channels for Digital marketers to drive traffic on their website. But a lot of the times, poor configuration of Google AdWords with Google Analytics, leads to discrepancies in the measurement of your Google AdWord campaigns in Google Analytics. With this blog we aim to provide solutions… Read More »

Outstanding Paragon of Google Tag Manager Part 2


Let us continue our journey of exploring Google Tag Manager’s features from where we left off in part 1 after covering features like fields to set, tag sequencing and priority. In this blog, we will have to look into some delicate configurations of Universal Analytics tags like Global function name and Tracker Name – which… Read More »

Track Progressive Web Apps with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager


In this era of modern web, there are many new technologies that enable you to work towards improving user experience. You must have heard of or read about PWA (Progressive Web Apps) sites. It provides yours users an app like experience on their mobiles and also work offline. It has a magic master called “Service… Read More »