5 Enhanced Ecommerce Reports That You Need To Understand Now


Google Analytics introduces new features frequently; while some features are a part of an on-going Enhancement, few changes the way we look at the data & proves to be Game Changers. I’d rate introduction of ‘Enhanced Ecommerce’ in such category. GA has hit the bull’s eye with the introduction of ‘Enhanced Ecommerce’. It has open… Read More

Launching New Enhanced Ecommerce Plug-in for WooCommerce Store


Tatvic takes utmost pride to announce the launch of our new Enhanced Ecommerce plug-in that has been specially introduced to benefit WooCommerce Store owners. With the help of this plug-in, the user behaviour on your Ecommerce store can be tracked starting from the product view till the user reaches to thank you page. Start Using… Read More

4 Elements to A/B Test for Product Recommendations to Increase Order Value


Testing Product recommendation means experimenting with different elements of recommendations section to make it more usable and convertible. There are different ways you can test product recommendations. Below are the elements you should test to improve performance of your product recommendations section. 1) Title Title is the most important element of the recommendation section. The title… Read More

3 Steps to Get Started with Enhanced Ecommerce & 10 New Powerful Reports


At Google Analytics 2014 Summit, – Google Analytics Team launched the beta version of what will become a very useful feature for Online Stores –“Enhanced Ecommerce” in Universal Analytics. Prior to Enhance Ecommerce, a funnel was required to be created using virtual pageviews to know the flow of the user’s activities across the store.  But… Read More

Infographic: The Anatomy of an Ideal Product Recommendation


Does your product recommendation attract less clicks or traffic? Product recommendation is a great of way to increase the average order value of your ecommerce store.  According to Monetate, a product recommendation can increase your revenue by up to 300% & boost the average order value by 50%! The following infographic is aimed at helping… Read More

Update your Tatvic Excel Plugin Dashboard with New Dimensions and Metrics of Google Analytics


Recently, Google has implemented some major changes in dimensions and metrics in Google Analytics. Google has changed names of some of the dimensions and metrics while it has also announced that few dimensions and metrics will be deprecated and replaced in near future. In order to prevent your Tatvic Excel Plugin dashboards from disruption, we… Read More

The Ultimate Guide for Upgrading to Universal Analytics


Universal Analytics is the new operating standard of Google Analytics. It has a new tracking code (analytics.js) which is completely different than classical Google Analytics Code (ga.js) and has been rebuilt from the ground level. Everything from the event handling, eCommerce tracking, cross domain tracking, etc. is handled in an improved way. The following guide… Read More

Dimension Widening USE-CASE: Integrate Your Off-Page SEO Data Into Universal Analytics


(You are reading part 3 of a three post series on Dimension Widening USE-CASE.  We also recommend you to read part 1 & part 2 in the series) One of the interesting features of Universal Analytics is Dimension Widening. As Ravi spoke about it during an Interview at Superweek, Dimension Widening can open floodgates of having interesting data integration into… Read More