Lead Generation Form Analysis – Part II


In my previous blog post, I explained about why it is important to carry out lead gen form analysis and methodology we used to collect the required data. Here I will give a detailed overview on how we carried out the data analysis stepwise. I have also included list of action items that generated ROI… Read More

Steps To Recover Deleted Google Analytics Account/View


In the last few weeks we have received a no. of queries from GA users asking for our help in recovering their deleted GA account. Some of them have even lost their GA accounts’ log in credentials and now are no longer able to access it. These queries have prompted me to write down this literature… Read More

How to make tagging plan for Google Analytics|Google tag manager


A Tagging plan is a running document that web analysts and implementation teams uses to keep track of data collected from respective web analytics tool. When starting some engagement for Google Analytics, many times, I have seen enthusiastic developers firing GA events everywhere and the possible claim being we are tracking everything, but when asked… Read More

Dimension Widening in Universal Analytics


When carrying out analysis, it is important to look at many datasets to get right perspective. For e.g. if you are selling winter clothes & doing conversion rate analysis, it is vital to consider weather data. In general, we always faced limitations in Google Analytics to import any external data. There is a good news… Read More

How to save your marketing dollars on your Customer Loyalty Program?


I am very much intrigued by the Customer Loyalty programs I observe across eCommerce sites I encounter. Indeed they are very much common place and have become a tried and tested tool to drive loyalty. What makes a marketing campaign stand out is the definitely the ROI fetched on the campaign and this led me… Read More