Exception Tracking in Android & iOS Apps using Google Analytics


Exceptional Tracking – An Introduction As an app developer, unexpected production issues can affect your product’s reputation if not resolved quickly.  Suffice to say, they can ruin your dinner and weekend plans! Exception Tracking, a method for automatically detecting and responding to exceptions in the target application as they occur, can save you from hours… Read More

4 Steps to Extended Email Campaign Tracking & Actionable Insights


Did you ever run an email campaign? If yes, after reading this blog post you will fall in love with your email marketing. As a marketer, I had issues monitoring email campaign performance & getting actionable insights out of the email tracking to improve the campaign effectiveness. Our technical team took up this challenge and… Read More

5 Steps to Understand User Journey from Start to Conversion in Google Analytics


Are you facing difficulty to know the actual behavior sequence of your site users? Do you want to discover each user interaction in the same sequence as actually performed on your site by users while moving towards conversion? Do you want to know the most followed user patterns leading to conversion? Standard Reports in Google… Read More

Integrate Google Analytics with CRM for Digital Remarketing


Google Analytics is a tool that helps you measure effectiveness of your marketing channels. It stores online behavioral (web and/or app) data of your visitors. However, your CRM has additional data stored with your customer’s offline activity. Using your CRM data, you can run different types of campaigns such as email, SMS & calling campaigns… Read More

Using Custom Dimensions & Enhanced Ecommerce to identify Popular Product Color & Size


Google analytics has come up with a brilliant feature of creating your own custom dimensions and metrics. Custom dimensions are functionally very similar to custom variables, both features enable you to group your data in new ways by applying values to hits based on a scope that you define. However, custom dimensions are more flexible… Read More

How to Measure the Performance of your Internal Promotion using Enhanced Ecommerce?


Internal promotions are the promotion of your products on your own Ecommerce Store. Like you put a banner ad on your homepage to promote a particular product listed on another part of your website. Using Enhanced Ecommerce, we can now record the number of impressions of these internal promotional banners, how many users clicked on these… Read More

How to save $500 Per Month on your Google Adwords Campaign by avoiding this one mistake!


E-commerce store owners spend thousands of dollars on advertising their product to acquire more customers.  Google Adwords is one of the channel which is used extensively by online retailers to promote their products.  The paid traffic acquired from the campaigns sometimes brings great ROI and sometimes not based on how the campaigns are optimized. We… Read More

6 Barriers to E-commerce from Layman’s Perspective


An e-commerce store offers many advantages to its customer compared to a physical store in terms of: Variety in products, Accessibility (24*7), Powerful research when comparing products, competitive pricing and much more. It’s so easy for a customer to buy almost anything online with just a click. But, before a customer buys something online from… Read More