Outstanding Paragon of Google Tag Manager Part 2


Let us continue our journey of exploring Google Tag Manager’s features from where we left off in part 1 after covering features like fields to set, tag sequencing and priority. In this blog, we will have to look into some delicate configurations of Universal Analytics tags like Global function name and Tracker Name – which… Read More »

Unleash the Power of Google Analytics in Progressive Web Apps


In this era of modern web, there are many new technologies that enable you to work towards improving user experience. You must have heard of or read about PWA (Progressive Web Apps) sites. It provides yours users an app like experience on their mobiles and also work offline. It has a magic master called “Service… Read More »

Outstanding Paragon of Google Tag Manager Part 1


It’s already been a couple of years since the new Google Tag Manager (GTM) was introduced. And everyday, I am finding and learning new things that do not cease to amaze me. Though Custom HTML tags solve almost anything for us, but we tend to feel secure when it is done via GTM itself. This… Read More »

Importance of Heat Maps Part 2: Know the Fascinating Insights Tatvic Got from Heat Map Integration


In our previous blog on Heatmap, you read about how important heatmap integration is. It enables us in generating faster insights owing to visualization of each click by a user. Heatmaps can help a market place company achieve revenue optimization by identifying the most optimal banner placements on their website or could be helpful to… Read More »

Enhance Your User Engagement with Google Optimize 360


Businesses often have these burning questions as to how they can improve user engagement on their website, convert more visitors to users, and how they can deliver relevant content to their visitors The answer to above questions lies in user behavior data that helps businesses to take actions and measure results. A couple of months… Read More »

Are you making the best out of your NPS surveys with Google Analytics?


Are your customers happy with your services and products? Say, you already have their Net Promoter Score survey responses in Google Analytics. What can you do with that next? Do you ponder over these questions on a regular basis? If I were to share some tips on what you should do after collecting NPS responses,… Read More »

8 reasons why your CRM data doesn’t match with Google Analytics + Solutions


Lately, we have observed that when trying to match Google Analytics numbers with that of CRM, they don’t match and sometimes the discrepancy is of up to 20%! To get to the root of it, we started looking at possible reasons for these inaccuracies and we’ve listed the same here along with an array of… Read More »

Google Analytics 360: Leverage the power of super real-time data


There is good news for all those marketers and business analysts out there who eat, drink and breathe Google Analytics data. Very recently Google announced that for Google Analytics 360 users, data shall now be available as quickly as every 10 minutes. You can go ahead and refer to the official blog to learn more… Read More »

Want To Improve Your Website? Know What Heat Map Is


How do you generally arrive at a decision to improve your website? Analytical tool can give information like traffic sources, page views, bounces, conversions and a lot more. But how often can these data points guide you to tangible improvements of your website on immediate basis? Have you ever observed that the actual user behavior… Read More »

How to make Email Re-marketing more effective using Google Analytics data


Email marketing campaigns are run by thousands of businesses of all sizes across the globe. Email forms a stable foundation for digital marketing. It’s a channel that drives results for businesses. But, do you know you could use Google Analytics data for email re-marketing? Let’s take a use case where we can send out emails… Read More »