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Google Analytics Premium for Better Data-Driven Decisions

Event Date: 23/06/2015

Event Time: 10:30 AM PDT

Education Level: Beginner Level

Who is it for:  

CMO, CEO, Director of Web Analytics, Sr. Web Analyst, Digital Marketing Manager

About This Webinar

Google Analytics Premium is basically everything you love about Google Analytics along with More Power, Better Support and Faster Insights. You get access to 200 custom dimensions & metrics, unsampled reports, bigquery export, multi channel attribution modelling, access to data in 4 hours or less & much more.

What this means is that Enterprises can now use the Powerful Features of Google Analytics Premium to derive actionable insights in real time.

Join Kevin Song (Google Analytics Premium Product Specialist) at 10:30 AM PDT in this free webinar to learn how enterprises can use Google Analytics Premium to make better data-driven decisions.

Key Takeaway Points

In this 45 minute informative session you’ll learn how to:

What is GA Premium
Difference between Standard & Premium Version
Who Should Use Google Analytics Premium?
Key Features & Applications of Google Analytics Premium


Swapnil Sinha

Swapnil Sinha is the Head of Conversions at Google India. His passion lies in helping companies leverage analytics to drive superior business outcomes. He has helped set up web analytics functions for various organizations ground up and is an important voice within the web analytics community.

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