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5 Advanced Data Studio Dashboards for Digital Marketers & Data Advocates

Event Date: 30/08/2018

Event Time: 30th Aug 2018 5.00 PM IST

Education Level: Advanced Level

Who is it for:  

Data Analysts, Marketing Managers, Digital Marketers, Product Marketers

About This Webinar

The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” is definitely true in the case of data analysis. As and when the volume of your data increases, creating visualization dashboards proves to be efficient in order to be able to manage the influxes of new information, making it easy to identify trends.

Google Data Studio is a revolutionary visualization tool by Google that helps you to transform your raw data into easy-to-understand reports and dashboards. For those of you who are new to Data Studio, you can check out our previous webinar on the basics of Data Studio.

In this webinar, 2 of Tatvic’s GAIQ Certified Experts will take you through advanced Data Studio Dashboards and how you can utilize those to draw actionable insights while keeping your boardroom audience engaged. From the visual trends that you are able to extract, you and your team can not only determine your next steps but can also save hours of time by being able to look at the bigger picture instead of a thousand puzzle pieces.

This webinar will be resourceful for you if you are a digital marketer or a data advocate for:

  • eCommerce company with a website and/or mobile app,
  • Lead generation company
  • Digital Publishing company
  • Video Content platform

Key Takeaway Points

  • 5 advanced Data Studio dashboards
  • Effective ways to visualize your business metrics
  • Automation in Reporting
  • Overview of Data Blend – A New Data Studio Feature
  • Overview of other Data Connectors
  • Giveaway – 1 Ready to use Advanced Dashboard Template


Viraj Shah

Viraj is a consultant at Tatvic and enjoys research on digital analytics. He is a sports lover and an avid marathon runner. Viraj is a commerce graduate and postgraduate in management.

Yaman Patel

Yaman Patel is a Technical Analyst along with being an enthusiastic Customer Success Manager at Tatvic. He is one of the proud pioneers of Tatvic’s dataLayer automation tool(DLAT). He is keen on learning business intelligence technologies.HE loves to travel and explore new places.

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