Position title
Account Manager
  • Responsibility 1: Responsible for expansion of the account in terms of provisioning solutions. This need to further lead to increase in revenue
    • Ensure SAM shows value addition and needle movement in Client’s KPI’s/goals/problem area by the ongoing delivery of solutions/services
    • SAM should identify opportunities in the existing account which can be an upsell/cross sell and close the opportunity in terms of sales with the existing client
    • Able to connect the clients problems/KPI's to our offerings
    • Probe CMO’s strategic problem through discovery meeting
    • Ability to create solution presentation aligned with client’s strategic challenges
    • Ability make customer agree to proposed solution and inspire to change behaviour
  • Responsibility 2: Build client and partner relationships
    • Navigate client’s internal hierarchy to generate superior relationships & influence & ensure each SAM reaches out the different POC’s 
    • Reach out to the Google Account Manager responsible for the client relationship and understand the change in Google Strategies 
  • Responsibility 3: Be a client’s partner to provide client’s perspective to delivery team to drive value to the customer in syc ups
    • Ensure we add value in account reviews by showing client value in our solutions/services, by addressing the points covered in the last meeting and utilizing the customer time for value addition and not stating the obvious
    • Be gilding light to internal delivery team to provide them with perspective of client’s key goals 
  • Responsibility 4: Manage effective Project Management practices for internal & external stakeholder
    • Drive consolidation of different activities that are going in parallel to thread them into singular project
    • Set client’s expectations for project’s timeline, outcome and good or bad results a given project can lead to
    • Alert client if time, resource that can drive project to failure
    • Ensure that billability is as per the scope of work and so is the collection as per contracts
    • Ability to understand project risk and translate it to the delivery team with suggestions to mitigate it.
Employment Type
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Date posted
April 24, 2024

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